Return used Coffeeza aluminium capsules and we will recycle them for you. Get a reward for every return.

With our new Recyclable Aluminium Capsules, we have taken an important step towards sustainability. Our efforts, however, don't end there. We want to ensure that none of our capsules end up in landfills. They can be disposed of with other aluminum products or returned in lots to us, and we will recycle them. 

Return 200 used aluminium capsules and get a box of 10 capsules FREE

How does this program work?
Being a part of this program is easy and rewarding.

STEP - 1

After enjoying your favourite Coffeeza blends, collect the used capsules from the machine to prep them for return. Peel off the top foil layer of the used capsule, this tiny layer can easily be disposed with other trash as its made of aluminium too.


Empty the capsules by taking out the used coffee grounds (do not throw these out, use them as compost or just put them as fertilizer for your plants). Wipe the capsules clean, and keep them aside till you collect 200.


Once you collect 200 Coffeeza aluminium capsules, fill this form here to request their pick-up, our support team will then get in touch with you to arrange the same. For more details call us on 1-800-123-5171. For every 200 aluminium capsules returned, you will get a box of 10 capsules as a reward.

Creative ways to upcycle used coffee grounds

Avoid throwing away used coffee grounds as they have many benefits, they can help eliminate bad odours in the house, they can be used to scrub utensils and so on. Those with a creative streak can also repurpose used coffee capsules for various DIY projects. Have a look at our favourites below.

Use the grounds as fertilizer or compost

Use the grounds to make a body scrub

Frequently Asked Questions

Who can avail of this recycling program?

All Coffeeza customers in India, who buy coffee capsules from the brand can avail of this recycling program.

How does recycle program work?

You need to collect 200 empty Coffeeza aluminium capsules, fill the form on the recycling page to request their pick-up . For more details or issues call us on 1-800-123-5171

Is there a minimum number of capsules that need to be returned?

Yes, the empty aluminium capsules will be collected in batches/multiples of 200.

Do the coffee capsules need to be cleaned before sending them for recycling?

Yes, it’s a very simple process that will also prevent the any fungal growth in the used capsules. Peel off the top foil layer of the used capsule. Since it is made of aluminium it is easily recyclable and can be disposed with other trash. Empty the capsules by taking out the used coffee grounds, these can used as manure and fertilizer for plants. Keep these empty capsules together, till they are ready to be picked up in batches of 200.

What reward do we get for returning these capsules?

Well the biggest reward is the satisfaction of making a sustainable choice and enjoying your coffee guilt free. Our capsules are made of recyclable aluminium which already makes them an enviroment friendly choice, but we want to make that recycling process easier too. Also, you get a box of 10 capsules FREE on the return of 200 capsules.

Who will arrange for and pay for the pick-up of these empty capsules?

You can return the used aluminium capsules back to us free of cost in this program. Just collect 200 used capsules, empty them, and place them in a small box and keep it ready for pickup. All you have to do us request the pick-up of empty capsules by filling the form or calling on the Toll-Free No. 1800 123 5171. Our representative will call and schedule the same. All courier charges are borne by the brand.

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Be the Change !
With our switch to aluminum we have taken a big step towards sustainability, and you can make a bigger difference with each return.


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