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4 Myths About Coffee

4 Myths About Coffee

We tend to believe a lot of things that we hear, which is why, it’s no surprise that a lot of myths about drinking coffee have influenced the way we feel and think about this beverage. Some things are downright false, but there are others that we can easily fall for. Here are 4 popular coffee myths that make everyone doubt their favourite brew.

  • Coffee is bad for your health
  • This is probably the most common myth, that needs to be debunked. Your daily cup of coffee can do so much more than just wake you in the morning. It helps burn body fat, improves physical performance, it may also reduce your risk of several health conditions due to high levels of antioxidants and beneficial nutrients in it. 

    Coffee drinkers have a much lower risk of getting neurodegenerative disorders like Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s. it is also shown to lower the risk of developing depression and type 2 diabetes. One has to remember that moderation is the key, and coffee cannot reverse the effects of other damaging lifestyle choices on health. However, drinking coffee in reasonable amounts can be a healthy activity.

  • Coffee will sober you 
  • This is the most dangerous belief, because people think they can do an activity like driving while intoxicated if they just have a cup of coffee. Although coffee can make you feel more alert, it does not help you get sober, as coffee cannot remove alcohol or intoxicants from your body. 

    Even consuming large amounts of coffee will not reduce the amount of alcohol in your system, as caffeine has the tendency to make you feel less tired, not less impaired. Additionally, in certain situations, the combination of caffeine and alcohol could be potentially harmful.

  • Coffee will stunt your growth
  • An old wives’ tale that has been around far too long. Coffee has nothing to do with a person’s height. How tall one gets depend on your genes, nutrition and lifestyle. Excessive coffee drinking may lead to health problems, that is why we should do everything in life in moderation. However, there is no scientifically valid evidence to suggest that coffee can stunt a person's growth. It is safe to say that drinking coffee won't make you shorter, and avoiding coffee won't make you any taller.

  • Coffee is additive 
  • This is best myth of all, why? Because it is partially true but not in the way we all think. True coffee lovers will always tell you how they cannot live without their favourit brew. Tea is addictive too, right? but this isn’t how addiction works. We know that Caffeine stimulates our nervous system, which leads to a very slight dependence. However, the withdrawal effects last for a few days only, after which, you can live without coffee if you want to.

    When talking about these myths, it is important to note that it refers to coffee in its true form, like an espresso which is extracted from freshly ground coffee. Today’s Instant coffee variants have a lot of artificial sugars, flavours and additives in it, which are not good for health nor does it do justice to those wanting a real cup of coffee. You can brew the best espresso or long black coffee using the Coffeeza Finero Next Machine, and Coffeeza Coffee Capsules which are Nespresso compatible.

    There are many myths surrounding your cup of coffee, but that shouldn’t stop you from enjoying your favourite beverage.  Anything in moderation can never cause you harm unless you are allergic to it. When it comes to coffee, consuming moderate cups of coffee is absolutely fine. 

    Make sure you do your research before jumping to any conclusions about the humble cup of coffee.

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