A Coffee Affair

A Coffee Affair

A Coffee Affair

We all have those first impressions when we meet someone for the first time or get reviews about something we’ve never tried ourselves.

That “Oh! She looks approachable” or “No way am I talking to that arrogant face” or “Pineapple cake gave him a sugar rush-never trying that” or “That Café (I heard) is unreasonably expensive”, opinions as such kick in and stick around. We have all been there, and we have all done that; being judgmental and being judged by others.

Honestly, it's not just people that get judged all the time. It can be anything as simple as a book, a café, a pet or even a Cup of Coffee. 

Often considered an elite and classy beverage, coffee has its own image in society. Some prefer a cup of coffee because it offers a wide range of styles to devour it (latte, cappuccino, espresso, americano, lungo, Irish, cold coffee - you name it), while others avoid it because it sounds sophisticated (half the time you’ve reached the coffee counter and still don’t know what coffee you want) and a little “out-of-my-league” kind of a drink (because good coffee is tagged as expensive- which is not all true). 

It is the judgmental perception towards coffee, by a few,  that has kept you back from joining the coffee club. Well, it's never too late to change an old misbelief and give coffee a chance. Who knows you might simply end up with a coffee affair by the end of it?

Here’s some expert coffee advice to help you start off the “How I met my Coffee” journey: 

  • One coffee blend at a time 

Coffee has various blends and flavours that one can pick and choose from. Taking your time in trying different types and choosing the one that suits you the best is something worth investing your time in. At Coffeeza, we offer specially curated blends such as Forte, Cremoso, Classico, Intenso. Then there are flavoured coffees like Caramel, Hazelnut and Vanilla. You can also choose from single-origin coffees such as  Mysore Nuggets and  Nicaragua which have unique taste profiles. Each coffee has its own intensity ranging from 1 to 10, wherein 1–4 is a light-bodied coffee with a delicate flavour, 5–7 is a  balanced coffee rich in flavours and 8–10 is a round-bodied coffee with generous aromas. Try them out and pick the one that suits you best.

  • Know your Coffee Moods

While some might like their coffee bitter and strong, others prefer the sweet and frothy taste to their coffee. This can also vary as per the time of the day. You can ask your coffee-holics for suggestions about the different sweeteners or add-ons you can choose to make your coffee best suit your taste. Some might prefer coffee as the first thing in the morning while others enjoy a cup of coffee after dinner (it is believed to help with digestion) - you can choose when would be YOUR ideal “coffee time”. 

Let your taste buds decide if they want a piping hot coffee or a cold iced coffee as Coffeeza offers you to choose from various flavours such as Vanilla, Hazelnut, Cinnamon Orange, Dark Chocolate  etc. to experiment with.

You can brew your favourite coffee capsule with Finero Next coffee machine - to give your coffee the “love at first sip” feel and you can brew barista-style coffees easily at home. 

  • Give it a Coffeelicious twist 

Coffee can be enjoyed in tons of different styles and there’s no stopping to that. For a non-coffee person, having coffee as a straight beverage might not seem like the best approach, but if tried as a dessert- it would just be your go-to coffee recipe.

At Coffeeza, we have a variety of coffee recipes that you can try. You can make summer coff-sicles, affogatos, martinis, tiramisu tarts or you might just create your own recipe with the Coffeeza flavoured coffee range. There’s nothing holding you back in mastering your barista skills.

Every great coffee affair starts with the first sip from Coffeeza’s premium coffee range. Don’t just believe us, go ahead and try it yourself! We have a wide variety of blends and flavours that will make your coffee breaks special.

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