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Easy DIY Coffee Scrub for your Skin

Easy DIY Coffee Scrub for your Skin

Everyone loves to enjoy their perfect cup of barista-style coffee at home, but what do we do with the used coffee capsules? This has always been a worry for environment conscious consumers. Coffeeza’s capsule recycling program, allows you to return empty capsules in lots of 100 back to the brand for recycling which will help you get a free capsule box. However, that still leaves us with the used ground coffee inside the capsules, which usually ends up being disposed in the bin as waste. There are quite a few wonderful things you can do with used coffee grounds, and one of our favorites is the coffee scrub that you can make to rejuvenate your skin.

DIY homemade body scrubs can be an amazing way to use your leftover coffee grounds. This is because the texture of coarse particles in coffee grounds work as an exfoliating agent to help remove dirt and dead cells from the skin, rejuvenating it. Basically, the anti-oxidant properties help to generate new skin cells, making your skin feel smoother and rejuvenated.

The scrub also boosts circulation, while helping overall skin health. The caffeine present in it acts as a stimulant which improves the circulation of blood that moves through your veins. It is believed that such scrubs can also tighten the skin, helping to temporarily reduce the appearance of cellulite. This is possible because coffee is a diuretic that dehydrates your body. So, when you apply a coffee scrub, the fat cells closest to your skin's surface tend to shrink in size.

How to Make the Scrub?

This scrub is very easy to make, as you require very few ingredients. Coffee grounds are the main hero ingredient of the scrub, but you can mix it with various other ingredients to make it better. One can use coconut oil, olive oil or even citrus juices.

Here you will need 3 Ingredients

  • Ground Coffee from used Capsules
  • Cup Organic Sugar/ Brown Sugar
  • Coconut Oil

Simply mix coffee grounds with equal amount of sugar and then add coconut oil to obtain a good consistency for the scrub. Once the paste is ready scrub it over your body. The coconut oil keeps the skin smooth and hydrated. Coffee and coconut oil are rich in antioxidants, which are very beneficial for the skin.

The next time you think of throwing out those very useful grounds out, remember that, they can be used to make a really good scrub. Always be gentle when using the scrub on your skin, especially if your skin is sensitive or very dry.

Important Note

These homemade scrubs are best used on your body, not your face. The skin on your face is more sensitive than the skin on the rest of your body. You should not exfoliate on skin that is sunburnt, broken, wounded or chapped. If you want to add any essential oils to the scrub, do a patch test to make sure you’re not allergic to the oil. If you have sensitive skin, talk to your dermatologist first.

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