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Elevate Your Coffeeza Experience At Home!

Elevate Your Coffeeza Experience At Home!

Coffeeza capsules and coffee machines allow you to conveniently brew café-style beverages that you love, within minutes at home. Just insert the coffee pod in the coffee machine, press a button and your coffee is ready in seconds. While we have taken care of the otherwise hassle that you would have to go through to get gourmet coffee, we won’t stop here. 

In this blog we are sharing a few tricks to elevate your coffee brewing experience at home with Coffeeza. Just follow these simple tips to make your coffee routines even more fun.

Easy Coffee Dessert:

Place two scoops of vanilla ice-cream into a glass, and brew a piping hot shot of espresso over it. This molten Italian dessert called Affogato will instantly become your new favourite. You can garnish it with some chocolate shavings and nuts.

Coffee and Milk Layers:

Pour hot or cold frothed milk into a tall glass and then brew an espresso shot over it. This will create beautiful layers of coffee and milk in your beverage. The layer of coffee floats nicely in-between milk and foam.

Learn to drink that Bitter Espresso:

Bite on a piece of chocolate before sipping on a nice strong espresso, it will help lessen the bitter taste and allow you to experience an espresso in its true form eliminating the need of any sweeteners.

The Right Coffee Capsule Blends:

Choosing the right coffee blend makes a lot of difference to the final brew. If you love drinking a Cappuccino, Latte or Macchiato, Coffeeza’s Intenso, Forte & Cremoso blend work well. If you enjoy a good Espresso, Lungo or Americano, the Single-Origin Ethiopia should be your pick, even Classico & Decaf work. If you love black coffee with a little bit of milk, then the Classico blend is perfect, some can even try the using Decaf.

Get More Flavour:

For those who love a really strong coffee and want a burst of flavours on your palate, you can brew 2 espressos using 2 capsules.

Water Matters:

Always use filtered water, because, besides the quality of coffee grounds the other important element that effects the taste of an espresso is water. 

Mind that Cup:

Heating your coffee cup before brewing your coffee will work wonders. A cold cup can reduce the heat of your freshly brewed coffee. So, use your Coffeeza machine to run hot water into your cup without inserting a capsule. Once the cup is hot, empty the water and extract your coffee in this warmed cup. 

Daily Cleaning Ritual:

Run water through your Coffeeza capsule coffee machine before your first cup of the day, to warm up the machine and to make sure any leftover coffee grounds get cleaned out. Also use fresh water in the tank always for the best brew.

These 8 tricks should be easy to begin with. Do you have some tricks of your own? Then share it with us in the comments.

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