Filter Kaapi and Rains: The Perfect Monsoon Duo

Filter Kaapi and Rains: The Perfect Monsoon Duo

Filter Kaapi and Rains: The Perfect Monsoon Duo

During Monsoons, curling up with a steaming cup of coffee brings solace and warmth and when it comes to enjoying the rains in India, nothing captures the essence quite like the aromatic and flavourful South Indian filter coffee or filter kaapi. Steeped in centuries-old rituals and captivating flavours, Filter Kaapi is a beloved beverage that has become an integral part of daily life in South India.

It's tradition to be sitting on the verandah, wrapped in a warm shawl from head to toe, and sipping on Filter Kaapi to celebrate this beautiful season. With its distinct aroma, bold flavour and unique brewing process, this classic drink has drawn the attention of coffee aficionados around the world. 

We recently launched Filter Kaapi flavoured ground coffee and coffee capsules at Coffeeza, which are curated by combining the finest Arabica coffee from South Indian plantations and a natural filter coffee flavour for a bolder and more traditional coffee experience. When combined with milk, this blend truly captures the essence of an authentic kaapi.

Let’s embark on a journey to explore the unique brewing process and ethical tastes that define the South Indian Filter Kaapi.

The Mesmerising Brewing Process:

The style of brewing the South Indian filter coffee is what makes it special. For the preparation, a conventional coffee filter, commonly referred to as a "drip filter" or "coffee percolator," is used. The South Indian filter is made up of two parts: a lower container that collects the brewed coffee and an upper container for the coffee powder. The coffee is brewed by allowing hot water to slowly percolate through the freshly ground coffee powder, extracting the robust flavours and aromas in a decoction that is collected in the lower container.

About 10 grams of Coffeeza’s Filter Kaapi flavoured grounds are pushed with a perforated disc into the upper container to brew the coffee. Hot water (~ 60 ml) is then poured over the disc.

The Art of Serving:

Once the decoction is ready, the coffee is prepared by combining the decoction with hot milk (in an equal amount to the decoction) and sweetening it with sugar. The coffee is then poured back and forth between the tumbler and “davarah” from a height (with care to avoid burns),  creating a frothy layer. This technique helps blend the flavours and cools the coffee to a delicious, consumable temperature.

Flavours with Memories:

What truly defines South Indian Filter Coffee is its signature decoction. This concentrated coffee, obtained from the brewing process, is combined with hot frothy milk and a touch of sugar or jaggery to create the perfect cup. It gives a nice texture to the coffee. Each sip is a harmonious balance of spiced, caramel and herbal notes, and leaves a strong aftertaste that invites you to savour the moment. 

Filter Kaapi is more than just a cup of coffee; it embodies the soul of South India. Its rich history, meticulous brewing process, captivating aroma, and delightful flavours combine to create an experience that is steeped in tradition and joy. Allow yourself to be captivated by its timeless charm in every sip.

So hurdle up with our loved ones, watch those monsoon lights flash across the skyline and let the roaring thunder give you the chills. Most importantly grab yourself a warm cup of frothy Coffeeza Filter Kaapi  and pair it with a steaming dish of idlis and coconut chutney to snack on. Yes! That’s one great way to spend a lowkey monsoon evening.

How do you prefer to unwind after a long monsoon day? 

Tell us in the comments. We’d love to hear.

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