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What is Coffee Capsule and Coffee Pod?

What is Coffee Capsule and Coffee Pod?

How coffee pods work?

Let’s unravel the twisted mystery of coffee capsule

Definition by book-

Single-serve coffee containers: Used for coffee brewing that prepares only enough coffee for a single portion (source: Wikipedia)


What does it mean?

Single-serve coffee containers contain premeasured coffee which is just enough for brewing one cup of coffee. Single-serve coffee containers both reduce the time needed to brew coffee and simplify the brewing method by eliminating the need to measure out portions, flavorings, and additives.


Single-serve coffee containers are of two types-

  • Coffee pods: Coffee pods are pre-packaged coffee in their own filter.
  • Coffee capsule: Coffee capsule differs from a coffee pod. In coffee capsules, Coffee is packed in a plastic or aluminum package instead of a paper filter, and it is usually designed for use with a single brand or system and is therefore not interchangeable with other systems.

Coffeeza just retails coffee capsules at the moment. Coffeeza’s coffee capsules are interchangeable and can work in other systems like Nespresso, unlike the above-mentioned single system non-interchangeable brands.

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