Coffeeza Finero Next Review on Man's World - Coffeeza

Coffeeza Finero Next Review on Man's World

Coffeeza Finero Next Review on Man's World

This Coffee Maker Is What You Need For A Good Wake-Me-Up

Finero Next Capsule Machine is sleek, compact, and quite easily placeable on your work desk at office, or at home, to make your espresso, or cappuccino. Coffeeza came up with three kinds of capsules, and I tried two of them: the Cremoso, a medium roasted blend with notes of dark chocolate, nuts, and citrus fruit, and Forte, a dark roast blend. The workings of the machine are pretty simple: fill water in the glass container attached to the machine, insert the capsule, press the button of the coffee you want (espresso for a shot, and lungo if you want to add milk or make a drink of your coffee). The water heats up, and the coffee is done. For a minute, I did feel intimidated by it I’ll admit, but really, it’s a quick, no-fuss machine that’ll do its job within five minutes. That’s precisely the time you have before you jump into your meetings when you wake up (yes, I know). The coffee tasted strong, hitting all the right senses, with a delicious froth on top. I also tried adding some spices and condensed milk to it to make a Vietnamese coffee, and my experiment went quite well. I still, occasionally, add flavours like vanilla or hazelnut to up the game.

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