Grazia Diwali 2021 Tech Gifts, Coffeeza Machines - Coffeeza

Grazia Diwali 2021 Tech Gifts, Coffeeza Machines

Grazia Diwali 2021 Tech Gifts, Coffeeza Machines

Diwali 2021: #FirstsForLasts - Tech You Should Pick Up This Week

We at Grazia have rated the best this season, so you don't have to do the running around. We've tried, tested, and done all the work, so you don't have to. If you are looking for that perfect Diwali gift, we have you covered. Here is a list of tech that you can pick up during the whole week of Diwali.

Coffeeza Finero Next Coffee Machine

‘Smartisanal’ coffee brand Coffeeza makes it easy for caffeine lovers to enjoy gourmet cafe-style coffee at home. The all-new Finero Next Capsule Coffee Machine is cute, compact, and ideal for lovers of purist black coffee. This machine is easy to use; it fits anywhere and is suitable for any cozy corner at home. It is designed to extract coffee at superior 20 bar pressure (like your gourmet barista cafes), resulting in richly extracted coffee with indulgent layers of crema on the top. The perfect capsule-coffee machine in our eyes.

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