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iOT Enabled Smart Coffee Machine

Fully Automatic Coffee Machine  

Smart vending machines designed for contactless operation

This fully automatic coffee machine offers 20+ programmable with ample options for customization. This includes Cappuccino, Latte, Macchiato, Espresso, Flat White, Americano and more. Its large capacity, quick response time and the ability to be simultaneously used for coffee and milk/foam make it the ideal choice for small to medium offices and hotels.

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Coffee Machines for Every Need: Rent, Contract, or Purchase

Rental Model
Flexible Rental Plans Tailored to Your Needs. From choosing the duration that suits your timelin, we offer scalability and cost-effectiveness. Optional services like maintenance and customer support further enhance your convenience, making the transition to renting a coffee machine seamless and hassle-free.
Contract- (Free of Cost Model)
Our contract model provides you with a complimentary coffee machine in exchange for a monthly commitment to purchase a designated quantity of coffee beans. This arrangement ensures a steady supply of fresh beans while granting access to premium coffee-making equipment without any initial costs.
By choosing our purchase option, you gain ownership of a top-quality coffee machine with scheduled maintenance included as per our agreement.

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Easy-to-Use Machine:

With 7 inch LCD screen, Android system and more functional options, using this machine is a breeze

20+ Beverages option:

Allows you to program and brew over 20 beverages

Large Bean Hopper:

With a 750g capacity bean hopper this machine is ideal for office use.

Easy to Maintain:

Equipped with a drainage pipe and is easy to maintain
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