Intenso Ground Coffee

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Intenso is a full-bodied blend, crafted to deliver a long-lasting & rich flavour with notes of blueberries & strong dark chocolate. The aftertaste is lingering & rich, displaying subtle hints of dried tropical fruits. 

Roast Profile: Medium-Dark Roast

Taste Notes: Dark Chocolate, Blueberries and Dried Dates

Ingredients - Premium Roasted Ground Coffee

Intensity - A medium-dark roasted blend that has a high body with an intensity of 10/10

Intenso Best ground coffee in India

Brewing Instructions
It is important to note that unlike Instant, coffee grounds do not dissolve in water, so they must be brewed with a suitable equipment like a French Press, Moka Pot, Espresso Machine, Aeropress, Pour-Over, etc. When you purchase our ground coffee blends, you can choose from a variety of grind sizes to suit your equipment.

To maintain freshness, the ground coffee bags are securely sealed and feature a one-way valve. This allows you to enjoy a delicious and fresh cup of coffee always.


Note: The MRP (inclusive of all taxes) is Rs.530 with a net weight of 250gm.


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Customer Reviews

Based on 67 reviews
Pawandeep Singh
The Aroma!!

This is my first time switching from instant to ground coffee. Bought a coarse and fine grounds and both were flavorful. My kitchen was filled with aroma while brewing in Moka pot. All-in-all a good product and will surely buy my next batch from here.

Loved it

Rich Aroma

Great coffee.

I recently bought the Coffeeza Intenso Ground Coffee after trying many brands. The smell was amazing.
The coffee was fresh and the brilliant flavours are to die for. Prominent tasting notes of dark chocolate, blueberry, and dried dates. The dark roast gives a robust character to the coffee, enhancing the overall intensity of the flavors. The combination of dark chocolate, blueberry and dried dates created a harmonious and indulgent taste sensation. It was a pleasure to savor this coffee. An intense coffee that lives up to the reputation it deserves. As a lover of coffee I can honestly say it is the best. Goes very well with the French press. This coffee is definitely worth trying and I recommend it.

Kumari Akanksha

This product is really refreshing, tastes great and has reasonable price.

For coffee person

The smell assault your sense soon after opening the pack. It tempt you to try it out immediately. Pack is sealed to hold the aroma. You can brew it in a traditional way or with modern filiters. Both taste awesome.


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