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3 Reasons Coffee is good for you in the Morning

3 Reasons Coffee is good for you in the Morning

If you are a coffee lover like us, you probably know what it feels like to start your morning with a stimulating hot brew. The heavenly aroma of coffee and the warm and calm of the first sip makes it the perfect kick start to our day. Having that morning coffee is a ritual for many while some cannot begin their day without sipping on coffee.  We would all be pleased to learn that this morning habit actually benefits us, and here's why:

It's the perfect energy boost for the day:

Coffee has a number of benefits like lowering fatigue, improving concentration, and making you more alert, this motivates and helps you to take the day head on. Most of us reach for that morning coffee first thing in the morning to wake up from slumber. Caffeine increases mental alertness by stimulating the nervous system as it affects the parts of the brain involved in memory and concentration. The first cup of coffee of the day sets you up effortlessly to achieve all your plans, be it work or any other schedule you may have. If you are looking for a blend that’s perfect for an energy boost, we recommend Intenso.

It lifts your mood: 

In most cases, if you start your day in a bad mood, nothing seems to go well for the rest of the day, so starting your day in a good mood is very important. Sometimes we are so exhausted with the events of the previous day or maybe even dreading an activity to be done today. Coffee is a natural mood enhancer that assures a cure for this problem. Caffeine is known to boost happiness as well as pleasure. On the whole, coffee just makes us feel better. Starting your day with your favourite coffee can help you avoid unfortunate events that might happen if you were in a bad mood. The well balanced Classico blend of 100% Arabica coffee is our go to coffee when looking to perk up our spirits, having it iced with a splash of milk, will do the trick. 

Removes toxins from our bodies

Coffee has diuretic properties, which means it increases urine production. Coffee also lowers the level of harmful liver enzymes found in the blood and flushes out all harmful materials from our bodies. Additionally, it reduces the risk of hepatitis and liver cirrhosis, as well as keeps our stomach clean and healthy. A nice cup of black coffee is the healthiest way to start one’s day, it's free of calories, rich in antioxidants and helps remove toxins too. Try our single-origin Ethiopian coffee which is best enjoyed black.

While drinking coffee has its benefits, we have to remember that like everything else that we do, moderation is the key when consuming coffee too. Avoid adding artificial sweeteners and do not drink more than 2-3 cups of coffee per day. 

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