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Iced Orange Summer Coffee

Iced Orange Summer Coffee

It has been debated for a long time whether coffee and orange juice go together, but those who have tried it swear by its distinctive taste. In traditional American or even English breakfast you will always find coffee and orange juice at the table (perhaps this is where the idea originated). Rather than putting the two drinks side by side, this recipe combines them to create a drink that's twice as refreshing.


For us, this unique combination mixed with tonic water has become one of our go-to drinks since we first tried it. We call this concoction ‘Iced Orange Summer Coffee’, and you will enjoy the refreshing taste of this fizzy caffeinated drink on any hot summer day. 


Even if you think it's a weird combination, espresso, orange juice, and iced tonic water together, is just the refreshing sip you need. Nobody expects this combination to be good, which makes it even better to see the amusement on their face when they try it for themselves. Even if it doesn’t amaze you, it won’t be what you expect. This beverage has a complex yet rich taste and this combination is seen all over the internet today.  With just 4 ingredients it is super easy to put together too.


How to:

We love our espresso, which is why we prefer using our Finero Next Machine, rather than taking the cold brew route for this recipe. Add orange juice to an ice-filled tall glass first, followed by tonic water (you can also use sparkling water). We like to add simple syrup too for some sweetness. Then add cooled/chilled espresso with the help of a spoon to create layers, and garnish with some orange zest.  In this recipe, we used our strongest Forte blend, since it has a robust flavour to balance out the orange juice and tonic water. 


*Use fresh orange juice or maybe from a tetra pack, but avoid adding pulp in this recipe.


What do you think - will you try this new drink? It seems the general opinion is, don't pass it, until you've tried it. Do give it a try and we think you'll discover that the flavour is way better than you expected. You never know! It might become your new favorite iced coffee. That’s all for this blog, we'll return to brewing pitchers of our new summer addiction now. Do leave us your comments. 


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