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Bean to Cup Journey

Bean to Cup Journey

You drop in your favourite Coffeeza capsule, press a button on the Coffeeza machine, and your gourmet coffee is ready to be savoured within seconds. Freshly brewed Italian café-style coffee beverages at the touch of your fingertips is definitely a form of convenience in today’s busy and hectic world.

But surely, there are times when you sit and sip on your favourite brew, and your mind wanders to what might be the origin of this delicious cup of coffee. Thinking beyond the coffee capsules and the machine, to the origin of the aromatic coffee bean. Coffee lovers know that coffee is made from the dried, roasted and ground beans of the coffee plant.  So, let’s see where it all begins, the journey of the mighty coffee bean from when it grows to the moment you brew your favourite café-style beverage at a home.

It all starts when a tiny seed is planted in a tropical land where there is lots sunshine and good soil that can give the seed all its nutrients. (mostly locations in The Bean Belt). The beans are green at that time, and they are actually the pits of the fruit called coffee cherry.

Coffee cherries start out green and turn bright red, orange or yellow when fully mature depending on its variety, and this is when they are ready to be harvested.  The green coffee beans are removed from the pulpy cherries using different traditional and conventional methods.

Now, the green beans are transformed into brewable coffee beans by the roasting process and this is how we get the typical dark color of our coffee. This process, is 50% art and 50% science as roast masters have to experiment but also need to have a great sense of how each coffee bean will behave with the different temperatures. After roasting the beans are ground to perfection and immediately sealed into capsules, as coffee starts losing its freshness when exposed to oxygen in the surrounding. Coffeeza’s capsules’ unique enclosure keeps the coffee fresh for up to 24 months as they are hermetically sealed.

So, you have your coffee and coffee machine, but how do they work together to give you that perfectly brewed barista-style coffee?

Well, this is where Coffeeza brings together technology (in the form of great machines) and artisanal coffee.  Each capsule contains the exact quantity of coffee grounds, perfect for one-serving. When the capsule is inserted into the machine and the lever is closed, insertions are made at the back of the capsule for hot water to pass through. When you select your brewing option on the machine, rich and indulgent café-style coffee is extracted from the capsule by forcing nearly boiling water through the coffee grounds under high pressure - all this takes place at the touch of a button.

Barista-style coffee lovers can enjoy a wide variety of coffee beverages with 6 blends from Coffeeza, Classico, Intenso, Decaf, Single-Origin Ethiopia, Cremoso & Forte. The Finero Next Capsule coffee machine is a must have coffee gadget for coffee aficionados who have round the clock coffee cravings.


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