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Tropical Summer Iced Coffee Recipes

Tropical Summer Iced Coffee Recipes

While some of us still hold on to piping hot cups of coffee this time of the year, it is actually the best time to experiment with cold coffee beverages. Because nothing beats a nice, chilled, caffeinated beverage on a hot summer day.

The humble cold coffee is definitely refreshing, it just involves pouring coffee or espresso over ice, but we all want something more.

A simple and refreshing summer drink, that is also exotic should do the trick, so here are two tropical iced coffee recipes that will keep you hydrated as you get through the day. These recipes are quick and easy to make with using very simple ingredients.

The first iced coffee on the list the Iced Summer Coffee Spritzer

This easy peasy yet refreshing caffeinated drink is something every coffee lover can sip on, all summer long! This beverage has become a recent hit with coffee lovers. Just fill a tall glass with your preferred tonic water, add 5-6 ice cubes. Next, pour a shot of espresso (that has been chilled) brewed with the new Cremoso blend. You can add a flavoured syrup or even a simple syrup if desired. Stir and finish with a zest of orange.

The next beverage is a combination of coffee, apples & a bit of something spice, meet the Iced Spiced Apple Coffee.

You can get on your summer mood faster by sipping this brightly colored, fruity flavored drink. To make this extra indulgent coffee beverage, pour 5ml cinnamon syrup into a tall glass and add 3-4 ice cubes. Then pour 40ml of fresh apple juice (cold) and top with a chilled shot of espresso brewed with our Classico blend. Stir well and enjoy!

Your favourite coffee combined with a few fresh ingredients open a whole variety of recipe possibilities. Make a pitcher of these beverages for the entire family. Just try these simple recipes at home and keep yourself hydrated to cope with heat. Enjoy them with a side of some chips or nachos with dips.  It’s time to refresh your summer!

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