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Coffee vs Tea

Coffee vs Tea

The debate has been going on for ages, and everyone’s got their own opinion. Most tea lovers believe tea is better than coffee. We coffee lovers disagree, obviously coffee is better than tea (although we might be a little bit biased). So, we decided to make a strong case for coffee in this blog. Anyone having an argument with their tea loving friend can come here and end the discussion. 

Here are some of the most compelling reasons to support team coffee:

Variety in type of beverages you can brew:

There are many ways to enjoy coffee, and coffee lovers know this. Yes, tea has many different flavors, but the same is true for coffee, which has many different roast profiles, aromas, and taste notes. We are talking about the different styles of coffee beverages available. There's cappuccino, latte, macchiato, espresso, americano, mocha, and so many more. These barely scratch the surface of the possibilities with coffee. Tea simply cannot compete with these drinks, with their flavoured and iced variants.

 Interesting ways to brew coffee:

Coffee not only offers a variety in type of beverages that can be made, but there are a range of different ways that coffee brewed as well. Those who love the coffee making routine, enjoy the nuances of the preparation method. Our absolute favourite is using an espresso machine like the Finero Next, which is used to brew an espresso, which is then used base for so many coffee beverages. However there many other methods of brewing coffee too, you can you a Chemex, a French press, an Aeropress, or a Pour-Over, you also have cold brew, turkish coffee or nitro coffee. The options are endless, and you can customize your coffee brewing routine depending on your mood. Tea has no options whatsoever in this regard. 

Coffee gives you energy 

We always say that coffee is the best drink for an energy boost. Anyone who needs that extra push in the morning will definitely go for coffee, since it’s much more effective at waking them up and boosting their energy levels. While tea can help you relax during breaks and gives that calm feeling in the morning, it does not give you that needed energy to recharge. A nice espresso or lungo brewed with our single-origin Ethiopia is perfect in the morning. Even before a workout, coffee is the most preferred beverage. So hands-on, coffee is perfect for that energy boost, that’s 3 - 0 in favour of coffee. 

Coffee can uplift your mood

According to science, coffee and mood are closely related. It's common to rely on a cup of coffee in the morning to get us going, but coffee does so much more than only give a boost of energy. Numerous studies have shown that our favorite caffeinated drink can help fight depression and improve our mood. Coffee is a natural mood enhancer, when you drink a cup of coffee, the caffeine affects the central nervous system by stimulating your brain and major nerves. (Please note that coffee is not a replacement for antidepressants).

Coffee cares for your sweet tooth cravings

If you had to choose between a Rose Tea Shake and a Salted Caramel Frappe, what would you pick? What about someone who loves milkshakes? Have you heard of any tea milkshakes that taste great?  We haven't and an iced tea isn't the same. You can make delicious beverages with coffee and use it in so many ways in the kitchen as well. In desserts like tiramisu, coffee cake, custard, truffles, affogatos, and even ice cream, coffee is used as a key ingredient. Check out these interesting coffee recipes: Classic Italian Affogato, Salted Caramel Mocha, Cafe Bombon and more. On the other hand, tea is best complimented with a dessert at the side, but guess what, coffee works there too. 

These 5 reasons are mighty enough to prove that the cup of joe is the best. Feel free to weigh in on this subject in the comments section below.

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