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How To Enjoy Coffee in Summers

How To Enjoy Coffee in Summers

In India, this summer has been dubbed the hottest one ever. Temperatures have soared above 45 degrees Celsius in many cities across the country, making it difficult to stay hydrated and enjoy our daily routines. For coffee lovers, summer is the perfect time to indulge in cold coffees, but why restrict yourself to this one mundane coffee style. Here are 4 interesting ways of beating the heat with Coffeeza capsules and machines:

Espresso Over Ice

This is a very simple recipe that only needs two ingredients, espresso and ice. If you'd prefer a shaken version of this, add espresso, ice, and a little sweetener to a shaker and shake. Pour the shaken mixture over ice to serve. With the bold flavor of espresso, the coffee flavor is more dominant than in a regular iced coffee, which will help you get refreshed and recharged. The single-origin Ethiopia and Classico work best in this style. 

Iced Americano

This is a classic summertime drink, that’s made by combining equal parts of espresso coffee and cold water. Cold water dilutes the flavor of espresso and allows you to enjoy it longer. The mixture is then cooled with ice cubes. This beverage is strong and refreshing, but it can be sweetened with syrups too. 

Iced Latte

Who hasn't enjoyed a nice iced latte in the summer? Every cafe offers this beverage, but why go to a coffee shop when you can make it at home using your Coffeeza machines and capsules? The strong and bitter coffee is balanced by mild sweetness and creamy texture of cold frothed milk, the resultant flavour is an absolute delight. You can also add flavours like vanilla, hazelnut, chocolate or caramel to make this summer treat more indulgent. Intenso and Cremoso blends have just the right amount of strength to make the perfect lattes.


This recipe combines coffee and the universal summer treat ice cream to make an intelligent summer dessert. You basically drown the ice cream with an espresso shot. As the coffee melts the ice cream, a thick layer forms at the top. Vanilla ice cream or gelato is most preferred, and the the dessert can be topped with chocolate shavings or nuts. The strong Forte blend pairs well with the creamy texture of the vanilla ice cream.

There are many more ways to enjoy coffee during summer. Get your hands on Coffeeza products to experience the endless possibilities of coffee beverages.

*Summer hack - brew some coffee ice cubes and keep in handy, use them instead of ice to avoid your iced coffees from getting watered down. Also, top up any iced coffe with ice cream for the refreshing and creamy punch.

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