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Cup of Vegan Joy!

Cup of Vegan Joy!

 We came across an article on forbs that reassure the fact that caffeine-rich vegetarian diet is proven to be the best for your heart. The number of people adopting veganism around the world is growing by leaps and bounds. For India, veganism is still a very new concept, however, the adoption rate is increasing. India predominantly has been a country of vegetarians, but being dairy-free is relatively an alien concept. Before Indians got introduced to coffee or tea, they were drinking milk. Our old scriptures are a testimony to it.

In recent years, the adulteration in milk has got people to give up on milk. The genetically modified cattle feed, antibiotics overdose, misuse of growth hormone injections are a few reasons for it. In the coming years, veganism will become our way of life. Some Non-vegetarians in India anyways observe #nomeattuesday or #meatfreeday and #sativksavanmonth. One more reason we see why this is likely to get adopted faster is the Cases of lactose intolerance in India. The numbers are growing, or probably they existed before but people were just ignorant about it.

With worldwide awareness campaigns and dedicated #worldveganday/ #worldveganmonth, people are leaning towards a vegan diet in India and elsewhere. Coffee being one of the most important components of vegan’s diet, it’s important that we stand up and spread awareness to have dairy-free coffee.


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