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Two Great Cups of Joy

Two Great Cups of Joy

Decoding the differences between two great cups of joy

This is a blog where we will uncover the mystery behind these two revered cups.

Some nations are filter coffee nations and some are espresso. When these two nations meet then the debate of “which coffee is really better” really kicks in. If you ask, there is no clear-cut answer to it. We are trying to answer a few of the very basic questions people have in their minds.

Let’s start from the basics: filter coffee Vs espresso

  1. Grounds: Filter coffee grounds are coarser than espressos.
  2. Brewing time: Filter coffee needs longer brewing time. Espresso, on the contrary, is exposed to very hot water for a much shorter time
  3. Roasting profile: Espresso coffees are usually darker and roasted for a longer time than filer coffees.

The Other Major differences and some myths-

 1) Concentrated shot of espresso, a milder cup of filter coffee

    If you are asking the barista in a café for an espresso shot, you’re asking for coffee concentrate. There is no coffee drink more concentrated than an espresso shot. A super-strong, super flavorful coffee, but it’s not for everyone.

    The taste of espresso is more concentrated and it’s even a bit thicker, as a liquid than the filter coffee.

    This is because a few coffee residues get passed in the super quick brewing process of espresso. This means that coffee’s essential oils do pass into your cup of espresso, and that’s the reason behind that beautiful crema layer on top. Which looks much like steaming milk.

    So, your espresso is always going to be extremely potent. You’ll be able to dilute it with some milk and still taste the coffee strongly. Even in a latte, the espresso still shines through.

    On the other side, the filter coffee is more of an infusion than a shot. It’s got a more nuanced aroma, and it will pick up on the entirety on the notes in your coffee, not just the top notes.

     Filter coffee and espresso coffee


    2) Larger servings of Filter coffee, small shots of espresso

     Since the way espresso is brewed requires less water than a filter version, it’s always going to be a smaller serving size than filter coffee. To be fair, you can make filter coffee the size of an espresso. But then you may not be very happy with it.

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