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Do Coffeeza pods contain sugar?

Do Coffeeza pods contain sugar?

If you are someone who loves coffee and are looking for a convenient and easy way to enjoy your daily brew then Coffeeza pods and machines are just what you need. All you have to do is insert the capsule into the machine, press a button and your espresso is ready in seconds, enjoy it with creamy frothed milk if you like milk-based coffees like cappuccinos, lattes and more. In today's diet conscious world, consumers wonder whether these easy-to-use pods are healthy. Are there any added sugars or preservatives in them? Questions like these are frequently asked.

We know that consuming too much of sugar over time can affect our overall health. And even though a little sugar adds a nice hint of sweetness to your coffee you must avoid consuming it in regularly. 

So, when you plan on getting a Coffeeza machine and pods for your home or office it is important to know what exactly is in your coffee pod. That's what you'll learn in this blog.

What’s inside a Coffeeza capsule? 

Most coffee drinkers who want to try coffee capsules for the first time have a misconception that Coffeeza pods contain instant coffee powder or other ready-made coffee that can be easily brewed when mixed with water, but that’s not how it works. If you open our coffee capsule, you’ll find, well, freshly ground coffee.


Yes, our pods contain 100% pure roasted and ground coffee. There is absolutely no sugar, milk, or any preservatives added in it and you need a Coffeeza machine or any compatible machine to use these capsules. All Coffeeza capsules are Nespresso compatible (Original Line).

Our capsules are made of recyclable aluminium and contain about 5.5 grams of finely ground coffee that is perfect to brew one cup. The aluminium casing keeps the coffee grounds fresh and preserves its aromas and flavors. Once the capsule is inserted into the machine, it is punctured inside and then hot water passes through it.  Coffeeza machines use 20 bars of pressure to force water into capsules. The high pressure when combined with the coffee grounds creates an indulgent, rich crema on the top of your coffee, the machines get this done in seconds.

Coffee lovers can choose from 4 blends of coffee capsules in our range.

Classico - An exquisite blend composed of high-grown Arabicas that displays medium body, balanced notes of orange blossom & a distinct Apricot sweetness.

Cremoso - A creamy, buttery blend with delicate citrus notes that exhibits enchanting aromas of raisins & orange peel.

Intenso - A full-bodied blend, crafted to deliver a long-lasting & rich flavour with notes of blueberries & strong dark chocolate.

Forte - An exquisitely crafted, full-bodied, punchy dark roast coffee, that displays notes of milk chocolate & walnut with an underlying hint of malt.

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