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What is the meaning of intensity in coffee pods?

What is the meaning of intensity in coffee pods?

Coffee lovers today appreciate the nuances that each blend has to offer. People want to know more about taste profiles, body, acidity level, and intensity, which is why most coffee packages have these details mentioned on their packaging. Among all these factors, intensity stands out as the most important one. Consumers use this number to determine the strength of coffee.

But what exactly is the so-called intensity of a blend? Let’s try to understand this in simple words. The term intensity refers to the overall quality of a blend of coffee. It is mostly used to describe the richness and strength of the coffee's taste and aroma. A blend's intensity is determined by a variety of factors. It depends on the ratio of Arabica and Robusta beans present in a blend, with Robusta generally increasing the intensity. In addition to the variety, the country of origin, and ratio between them affect the intensity too. The roasting degree also plays a vital role, with darker roasted blends having greater intensity.

For coffee capsules and pods available in the Indian market, the intensity is usually measured on a scale of 10 or 12. This categorization is only a guide, and not defined by any international standard, which is why it can vary from company to company. Personal taste is also a contributing factor, within the same brand one person may feel that intensity 8 of a particular blend is strong, while another may feel it is mild. It is subjective because of their person coffee preferences and consumption habits.

At Coffeeza, several factors went into deciding intensities for our coffee capsule blends, from origin, roast level, taste notes to body type and we broadly classify them into 3 categories. We measure our blend intensities on a scale of 12

5-7 Intensity - Mild Blends

These are our light-bodied, medium-roasted coffees with delicate aromas. They have fruity and floral notes, and these mild coffees are bright and full of flavour; perfect for those looking to explore the unique notes when enjoying an espresso or lungo. People who like coffees in this intensity range prefer a smoother coffee flavour that is not going to overpower the taste buds. Our 100% Arabica coffees take up this space. Currently our Classico blend with an intensity of 6 falls in this category.

8 to 10 Intensity - Balanced and Rich Blends

These are our balanced coffee blends with a rich body and a smooth flavor. The coffee capsules in this range offer a fuller-bodied taste experience with richer aromas and strong flavours. These are mostly medium-dark roasted and go well with milk.  It is perfect for those who prefer a smooth yet robust coffee, which has richer flavours, and is less bitter than stronger intensities. Our best-seller blends, Intenso and Cremoso are in this range. 

10+ Intensity - Dark & Strong Blends 

The coffee blends in this range have a very strong body and aroma. These are full-bodied blends that have a consistent, strong and lingering aftertaste. It is best suited for those who love the strong taste associated with every sip. These blends are best enjoyed as a cappuccino or latte. Our strongest blend Forte is in this range. 

It is important to note that intensity and caffeine level have no relation, it is a normal misconception that higher the intensity, higher the caffeine but that is not always true, high intensity does not mean strong coffee either, it only refers to the strength of the coffee taste and aroma. In conclusion, whether the coffee is strong or mild, high intensity or low it finally depends on the personal choice of coffee lovers and how they perceive the taste of the blend. At the end, everyone deserves good coffee, whether it’s with an intensity 6 or 10. 

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