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Flavours that go well with Coffee

Flavours that go well with Coffee

Some coffee purists feel that additional syrups or flavours should not be added to coffee, while others say that these additions improve the entire coffee experience. We believe that no coffee lover can really be wrong and support both schools of thought. We know that coffee has a delicious flavor all on its own, but we can always make it more special. 

Here are some spices and syrups (only organic or homemade) that go very well with coffee, whether you’re looking to add a nutritional boost or enjoying your morning brew, we’ve got you covered. Maybe those who enjoy their coffee as it is, can give these tried and tested flavour pairings a shot! 

Coffee & Chocolate

A match made in heaven, when these who flavours meet, we call it mocha and this is the most common pairing found in the world. There are lot of similar characteristics between the coffee bean and cacao pod, which makes people think that they are related. Also, if the coffee already has flavor notes of chocolate, the similar flavour pairing highlights those notes. This pairing is perfect when you’re in the mood for a nice cup of coffee but would like to make it sweeter and more indulgent.  You can add melted chocolate to your coffee or drizzle chocolate syrup over the milk foam of your coffee. Our Intenso & Classico blends work well for such recipes.

Some popular beverages are: Dark/White Chocolate Mocha, Iced Mocha Macchiato, Choco Mocha Latte

Coffee and Caramel

This pairing works great it you want a sweet coffee beverage. The bitterness and acidity of coffee is balanced out by the sweetness of caramel. Coffee and caramel go well without overpowering each other and they taste best as a cold beverage. If you want to elevate this pairing further, try salted caramel which is quite popular these days. Our Forte and Cremoso blends go perfectly for such pairings.

Some popular beverages are: Iced Caramel Macchiato, Caramel Latte, Caramel Iced Coffee, Sweet Caramel Macchiato

Coffee & Cinnamon

This is a healthy and delish combination, adding cinnamon to your coffee can do wonders for your health. This spice also makes the coffee a bit more earthy. However, one must remember to add a little sprinkle of cinnamon powder or it will overpower and ruin your coffee. You can also add homemade cinnamon syrup by boiling water and sugar and adding in some ground cinnamon or adding a cinnamon stick to infuse into the syrup.  Use our Intenso and Decaf blends for this pairing.

Some popular beverages are: Cinnamon Cappuccino, Honey Cinnamon Latte

Coffee and Vanilla

Vanilla extract is a universal flavoring found in every home. Normally you’ll find it will all your baking goods but a few drops of this creamy liquid will sweeten your coffee and give it a homely scent. The earthy and bitter flavours in coffee turn smooth with the buttery and sweet flavour of vanilla. The aroma and taste of the resultant brew is unmatched.  What makes this addition even better is the health benefit of this pairing. Using vanilla extract in your coffee can boosts your mental performance, your overall mood and general brain health. But remember few drops only. Classico and Cremoso blends go perfectly with the notes of Vanilla.

Some popular beverages are: Vanilla Iced Coffee, Sweet Vanilla Latte.

Coffee and Hazelnut

Nothing can smell better than a nice hazelnut coffee. If you are someone who loves a smooth and nutty coffee, then this is the best flavour pairing for you. The rich and creamy flavour of the nut is aromatic and sweet, which is why it elevates the entire beverage. Classico and Cremoso blends work well as they have nutty taste notes.

Some popular beverages are: Iced Hazelnut Coffee, Hazelnut Cappuccino

We have shared 5 of our favourite pairings, and sometimes you can make your coffee with 2 or more flavour pairings as well. Here are some famous beverages that your can try. Salted Caramel Vanilla Latte, Salted Caramel Chocolate Latte, Vanilla Mocha Iced Coffee, Vanilla Cinnamon Iced Coffee, Cinnamon Mocha Coffee etc. 

There many flavour packed coffee drinks that can be enjoyed. Having a capsule coffee machine like the Finero Next and Frothimo Milk Frother, can help you make these café-style coffee recipes at home in a jiffy. We hope our list has inspired you to experiment with ingredients you have on hand to create your own delicious coffee drink.

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