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Fusion Indian Mithai’s with Coffee

Fusion Indian Mithai’s with Coffee

Diwali is a time when everyone gives in to their sweet tooth cravings. After all, traditional mithai’s like rasmalai, kaju katli, gulab jamun and ladoos are not only an integral part of the celebrations but they are irresistible too. And if you are worried about those extra calories, well, you can work out even harder after the festival to shed the holiday weight.

This year we wanted our favourite brew to join in the celebrations too, which why we tried two fusion Indian mithai’s and a mithai themed coffee beverage to mark the festivities.


Coffee Coconut Ladoos

These coffee coconut ladoos are a combination of just two main ingredients, desiccated coconut and coffee. A simple yet full of goodness recipe that is a must try. You start by heating ghee in pan, add desiccated coconut and sweetener of your choice. Next, you add a shot of espresso to the mixture and mix it well. Cook till the mixture thickens. We used our Classico blend for this recipe, as it is a mild brew and has a fruity aroma.

After the mixture cools, shape them into ladoos and coat with desiccated coconut. Garnish with powdered nuts for a bit of crunch.


Coffee Kalakand

We made a coffee variant of another very popular mithai, the sweet and moist Kalakand. This fusion recipe is made by cooking cheena in sweetened milk, and then adding freshly brewed espresso to the mixture. The notes of spice and dried fruits in the Intenso blend compliment this mithai perfectly. This melt in your mouth dessert with a hint of coffee is best enjoyed when freshly made. We recommend adding almond and pistachio pieces on the top for a nutty mouthfeel in every bite.


Pista Badam Barfi Latte

To make this barfi themed beverage you will need, condensed milk, pistachios, almonds, frothed milk, espresso, some rose petals and whipped cream. You can also add a hint of cardamom to elevate the taste. The best thing about your humble brew is that it can compliment a wide array of flavours. Pour condensed milk into a glass, then add powdered pistachios and almonds and top with warm frothed milk, and mix well. Then add a shot of espresso, and finish the beverage with a swirled layer of whipped cream and powdered nuts on the top.


Coffee is so versatile, that it can complement the flavour and texture of many other Indian sweets, fusion mithai’s like coffee dry fruit barfi, coffee suji halwa, coffee pedas and so on have already gained popularity. We suggest using freshly brewed coffee for such recipes so that the coffee elevates the flavour of the mithai. Stale coffee will just ruin it. With you Coffeeza machine and coffee pods, brewing a great-tasting and fresh cup of coffee is super easy.

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