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Handheld Milk Frother V/s Fully Automatic Milk Frother

Handheld Milk Frother V/s Fully Automatic Milk Frother

The secret to creamy and foamy milk in cappuccinos, lattes, and cold coffees in cafés is to froth the milk well. The question is, how can a coffee lover achieve the same consistency and texture of milk froth at home? 

The milk frother comes into play here, rather than just adding milk to hot coffee, the milk is heated and frothed before it's added to the espresso shot. Milk foams up when air is added, creating the light and fluffy texture. The smooth and silky milk foam is a result of this frothing process. If you have the right frother, you can make a creamy cappuccino or latte at home easily.

Probably the oldest, but most tiresome way to froth milk is with a manual milk frother, which requires pumping by hand. Even if it gives a good milk froth, there is a lot of effort required for someone who wants to enjoy coffee hassle-free. Basically, it consists of a container for milk with a lid that seals it when closed. Within the lid is a plunger that when pushed and pulled powers a whisk that froths the milk. Manual effort is needed, as one has to pump for 15-30 seconds to get the froth, the consistency is not always the same and the milk has to heated before pouring it into the container. Too much work honestly, which is why we are all for automatic frothers.

Handheld Milk Frother

As its name suggests, you hold the frother in your hand. It has a plastic body that holds the battery and the on/off button. The body is fitted with a stainless-steel whisk on a stem. Frothing warm or cold milk with this frother takes 30-40 seconds. However, the frother won't steam the milk, it has to be heated on the stove or microwave before it can be frothed. That doesn't sound very convenient, does it?

To use this frother, you have to immerse the whisk in milk and turn on the frother. Then move the frother slowly around to ensure even frothing. You cannot leave this frother to froth by itself while doing other things, as you have to use your hand, which is another disadvantage.

A handheld frother will produce satisfactory froth for one or two people at a time, but in comparison with a fully automatic frother, the froth won't be as silky and textured. Furthermore, the quality of froth will not be as consistent as compared to that of a fully automatic one.

Fully Automatic Milk Frothers

A fully automatic frother will froth milk for your coffee at the touch of a button. It is fully automated and requires no user supervision, which allows the person to step away from the unit and do other tasks while the milk froths. All you have to do is pour cold milk into the frothing jug, close it, press a button, and you'll have frothed milk in no time. Once frothing is complete, it automatically turns off.

Unlike manual and handheld models, most of these machines have a built-in heating function. This means that milk doesn't need to be heated before being poured into the frother, which saves a lot of time and effort. Using these automatic frothers, you can create a thicker, more delicious froth for your coffee beverages. It is also more consistent than the former methods. 

Coffeeza's Frothimo milk frother and heater is one of the best frothers on the market. The product contains a base, a removable jug, and two types of whisks. While one whisk is used for frothing and heating (hot and cold), the other is used only for heating. You can froth milk for Cappuccino & Latte, and it even has a cold froth option. With one machine, you can froth milk in three different ways. It also heats milk, so you can pour cold or room temperature milk into it and you'll get warm milk. The hot chocolate function is an added bonus, simply add cocoa powder to your milk before frothing. Featuring a removable jug that is easy to clean and a one-button design that makes it easy to operate, this device is a breeze to use.

For those who don’t mind spending a bit for convenience and quality, the Frothimo milk frother is the ultimate accessory to make the best gourmet coffees at home. It's important to remember that your cappuccino or latte will only taste as good as the coffee you use, which is why Coffeeza coffee capsules are the best option for pulling a strong espresso shot.

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