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How India fell in love with Cappuccino

How India fell in love with Cappuccino

For many years, the humble cup of Chai was an integral part of Indian culture. But over the last two decades café-style coffee has gained a huge popularity, due to numerous café’s chains that established and the changing lifestyles of people. 

It was Café Coffee Day that started this cultural shift of changing the taste and preferences of Indian’s. Coffee was not new to our country, after all it is a region that produces some of the best coffee in the world and even before the coffee shop chain revolution; coffee had a strong presence in South Indian homes. This was in the form of South Indian filter coffee, or filter kapi, which is made with boiled milk, sugar, and is served in small steel tumblers. Filter coffee has a large consumer base in south India even today. However, the western café culture was relatively very new.

In the beginning going to café was an opportunity for Indians to hang out and socialize, it allowed millennial’s with a new way to share a beverage over conversations, and that is what attracted the crowd to the world of western coffee beverages. Cappuccino was an introductory beverage that was suggested to customers so that that could get accustomed to their coffee, as it was not very strong, and suited the palate of Indians that loved milk based beverages.

Groups of young people and families would hang out at café’s; some executives would even make it their temporary work stations or meeting points. Artists, writers and dreamers would find solace in a cup of coffee and the ambiance of the café. As people got used to this new trend, coffee consumption kept growing over the years. Exposure to global coffee cultures through travels and social media along with the increasing disposable income also contributed to the rise in demand.

Café’s serve a range of coffees from cappuccinos, lattes, espressos to iced coffees. However, in terms of consumption it is the cappuccino that’s a clear winner in India. It is a favorite due to its rich coffee flavor, creamy texture and delicious foam on top. Today café’s are offering cappuccinos with add on flavours to elevate the experience of coffee lovers.

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