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What do you do with Used Coffee Grounds?

What do you do with Used Coffee Grounds?

Coffee drinkers have a habit of throwing away used coffee grounds without realizing how beneficial they are. Used coffee grounds have many functional applications around the house, garden, and believe it or not it can also be a part of your skincare routine. Here are the most common applications of used grounds that are working wonders for coffee lovers:

  • Use As Fertilizer
  • Did you know that coffee grounds can play an important role in your gardening hacks? There are multiple advantages of using them as a fertilizer, as they add organic material to the soil and have nutrients that are important for plant growth, while also improving the water retention in the soil. Moreover used coffee grounds help microorganisms that help plant growth thrive and they also attract earthworms. These grounds also keep slugs and snails away, which are notorious to plant.

  • Use As Compost
  • Composting with used coffee grounds is actually a brilliant idea. These grounds add nitrogen to your compost pile, adding value to it. All you have to remember is to keep the grounds between 10-15 percent of the total compost.

  • Eliminate Orders & Pests
  • Coffee grounds can help absorb and eliminate odors from your refrigerator, smelly shoes, lockers or bags. They can also be used to scrub hands to remove the strong smell of onion, garlic and spices. These grounds also contain compounds that are toxic to many insects, and that is what makes it a perfect repellent for mosquitos, flies and other pests.


  • Use as a Cleaning Scrub
  • Due to the coarse texture of the coffee grounds they can be used as an abrasive scrub for pots and pans at home. Just sprinkle the grounds into the utensils and scrub them gently. The grounds can also be very useful to remove dirt and oil that normally builds up in sinks, kitchen grills and other surfaces in the house.

  • Use to Exfoliate Skin
  • DIY homemade body scrubs can be an amazing way to use your leftover coffee grounds. This is because the coarse textures of coffee grounds work as an exfoliating agent to help remove dirt and dead cells from the skin, rejuvenating it. Basically, the anti-oxidant properties help to generate new skin cells, making your skin feel smoother and rejuvenated. Read our blog Easy DIY Coffee Scrub for your Skin to know more.

    So the next time, you return the empty used coffee capsules under our recycling program, remember to keep the used coffee grounds and consider repurposing them using any of the suggestions above. And if you do have another interesting hack for using these grounds, do share it with us.

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