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How to use a French Press?

How to use a French Press?

In recent years, French press brewing has become increasingly popular, you may or may not have heard of it, but it is gaining a lot of recognition in India. The French press is a type of manual coffee maker with a cylindrical container, a plunger and a built-in metal mesh filter. You immerse the coffee grounds in hot water and allow it to steep. Then the filter is pressed to the bottom of the container to separate the coffee grounds from the brewed coffee. This filter allows the natural oils of coffee and fine particles to pass through it giving the brewed coffee a full body. In this brewing method, coffee and hot water steep for a bit and then are pressed tightly together before being separated. This creates a delicious fusion of flavour.

How much coffee should be used in a French Press?

For this you should ideally have a French Press with a capacity of 300-600ml for brewing, and you use roasted ground coffee. For every 15gms of ground coffee you should use 200ml of water for brewing.  

What type of ground coffee should be used?

Freshness of the beans and grind level are the secrets of a good cup of coffee. You cannot grind your coffee too finely or too coarsely. Coffee grounds that are too fine will pass right through the filter and if the coffee grounds are too coarse, they will clog up the filter. So be sure to use coffee that is ground to the correct consistency. A coarse grind is what you want when buying coffee grounds and Coffeeza’s ground coffee are available in this size. Just select this grind size when you are placing an order. 

How to brew the coffee? 

(To brew, use water that is a few minutes of the boil, water to grounds ratio is ~15gm for every 200ml)

First you pour ground coffee into the container as required, and pour hot water over it. Then gently stir the coffee and water for a few seconds so that all the grounds are wet and then they settle down. Place the lid with the plunger on the top, see that it is pulled all the way up and wait for 3-4 minutes. (The lid, plunger and filter are connected)

Gently press the plunger all the way down. Once the plunger reaches the bottom, pour the brewed coffee slowly from the French Press into the coffee cup and enjoy. 

Where to get French Press coffee grounds? 

That’s not a problem! It's easy to brew the perfect cup of coffee in any style with our coffee variants. We offer 3 different grind sizes for our ground coffee they are Coarse, Medium and Fine, and if you want whole beans we have them too. The coarse grind is ideal for the French Press. 


In general, it’s easy to learn this brewing technique and cleaning is a breeze. The French press is not very expensive and you can get a coffee with more natural oils. It takes less space and can be carried around easily.  Remember all great coffee starts with delicious coffee beans! At Coffeeza, we source premium grade beans from top coffee plantations in India. If you love coffee, you must give this brewing technique a try. You can check out our French Press kit for great deals.

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