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Iced Latte V/s Iced Coffee

Iced Latte V/s Iced Coffee

Do you ever have trouble deciding between an iced latte and an iced coffee? It’s not easy to distinguish between these chilled, refreshing beverages. If you have a home coffee counter, how can you tell if one is brewed differently from another?

Iced coffee and Iced latte are different, right? Considering these two drinks contain very similar ingredients, but are made differently, the answer is yes. The major difference between the two is that one uses brewed coffee and the other uses espresso. Additionally, an iced latte contains more milk than an iced coffee.

Let’s learn about them more in detail:

Iced Latte

Iced lattes are a cold version of the traditional latte, which is steamed milk combined with an espresso shot. One will need an espresso machine like the Finero Next to pull an espresso shot. 

How to make: In the iced version, you pull a shot of espresso or two and keep aside, then add ice cubes to a glass, add cold milk of your choice, you can use cold frothed milk as well. Finally add the espresso into the glass to make a delicious layered drink.  A flavoring syrup like vanilla or hazelnut can also be added.

Iced Coffee

You can make iced coffee with any type of brewed coffee. Coffee can be brewed with a filter coffee equipment, a French press, a moka pot, or a pour over coffee maker. 

First brew your coffee and put it in the refrigerator to cool down before adding it to the ice, otherwise the ice cubes will melt and the drink will be very diluted. Next, you can add milk required, but iced coffees are best enjoyed black. Another iced coffee variant can also be created by blending brewed coffee and milk with ice. Our pour-over coffee bags are perfect for making iced coffees. 

 Here's how they differ:

Milk Quantity

In both drinks, the coffee to milk ratio varies greatly. Iced coffee is generally made with very little to no milk, whereas iced lattes are mostly made with milk. 

  • Iced coffee - 90% cooled brewed coffee and just 10% milk
  • Iced latte - 1/4 espresso and 3/4 milk

Which is stronger?

Iced coffee is stronger because it is made with more coffee, while Iced lattes are more balanced and creamier because they contain more milk.

What has more caffeine? 

An espresso shot normally has 50-60 gms of caffeine, while 1 cup of brewed coffee (depending on the brewing method used) can vary from 180 to 220 mg. Even if you brew a double espresso the caffeine will be 120-130 mg.  

What is better?

Both beverages are unique in their own way, iced latte is more appealing to those who love milk-based beverages, while iced coffee is best enjoyed by lovers of black coffee or those who like a strong brew.  In terms of calories, we know that black coffee has no calories, while iced latte will have some due to milk added into it. 

The additions you put in your iced latte or iced coffee, like syrups, ice creams or whipped cream, also matter. All of these add more sugar. Despite our love for sugars and creams, we only indulge in them in moderation.

From here on, you know what iced lattes and iced coffees are.  You are bound to become an expert when it comes to brewing these chilled beverages at home.  


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