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Types of Espresso

Types of Espresso

We know the basics; espresso is a concentrated shot of coffee which is made with an extraction process in which highly pressured hot water is passed through finely ground coffee. This shot of coffee is strong and has a nice golden-brown layer of thick crema on the top. It is very popular in Italy, but many people in India have got accustomed to enjoyed this strong black brew too.

 Is Espresso the same as Brewed Coffee?

No, espresso is made using the pressure method where hot water is forced through finely ground coffee, while brewed coffee is made by pouring hot water on coffee grounds. Different methods are used to do this, which includes using a filter, a percolator or a French press.

Espresso is brewed in seconds, while brewed coffee can take 4-5 minutes. Espresso is a highly concentrated coffee drink that has a strong flavor due to the extraction method, but brewed coffee is much milder and is usually enjoyed in bigger quantities. 

 Making an espresso without a machine

You cannot make an espresso without using an espresso machine. Coffee made in a Moka pot, French Press or Aeropress is not an espresso since it is not made using nine bars of pressure.

 Types of Espresso shots: 

  • Single Shot Espresso

A single espresso shot is 25-30ml of concentrated coffee that is extracted from 7 grams of ground coffee.  Coffeeza capsules contain 5-7gms of coffee, which is perfect for brewing an espresso.

  • Doppio (Double Shot Espresso)

It is actually a double shot of espresso. It is extracted from twice the amount of ground coffee than a single shot of espresso. You will have to use two Coffeeza coffee capsules to make a Doppio. (Do not use the same capsule for brewing the second shot, as the capsules are for single-use only)

  • Lungo (a long espresso)

A shot of espresso is usually extracted with about 30 ml of water for 17 to 20 seconds.  A lungo, on the other hand, uses twice as much water to extract coffee, which results in a longer shot and takes a bit more time as well. A lungo is approximately the size of a double shot of espresso. Finero Next and Lattisso One-Touch machines are programmed to extract 90-110 ml of lungo in 30-40 secs. This beverage is preferred by those, who don’t like the strong taste of an espresso.

  • Ristretto (a short espresso)

This is a thicker brew which is smaller than an espresso. You use the same amount of coffee grounds, but the brew time is shorter (15 seconds) and less water (15-20 ml) is used. It's a concentrated version of espresso.


For those who prefer more variety in their beverages, the espresso shot is typically combined with hot water or steamed/foamed milk to make drinks like Cappuccino, Latte, Americano, Macchiato

Macchiato - An espresso shot topped with milk foam. Macchiato means stained or spotted, so here the espresso is "stained" with foam.

Cappuccino – Simple recipe, 1/3 espresso, 1/3 steamed milk, 1/3 foam.

Latte - This beverage is similar to cappuccino, but has more steamed milk and less foam. 1/3 espresso, 2/3 hot milk, thin layer of foam.

Cortado – ½ Espresso and ½ foamed milk

Americano - it's just hot water with a regular espresso shot extracted on top of it.

This was indeed a long list of beverages, but hopefully it will help you know your espresso and espresso-based coffee’s better. If you have come across interesting espresso based beverages in your travels, do share them in the comments. 

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