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Summer Calls for Slurpy Coff-sicles

Summer Calls for Slurpy Coff-sicles

Just when you thought your coffee couldn't get any better, we discovered an entirely new world of coffeelicious delights perfect for summers.
With the sun beating down with all its might, coffee lovers have either switched their favorite hot coffees with iced ones or moved to alternatives, that don’t deserve to be called as a worthy replacement. How could you intentionally elevate your body temperatures, when all you want to do is cool off and shy away from anything that’s hot! But what if you tried something with a twist, which is easy to make, and you never really need to ignore those cravings for a coffee break.
So, if you thought your coffee could not get better, wait till you hear all about how you can transform your delicious coffee into a chilled treat. You heard that right! Popsicles are a definite go-to on hot days. Honestly, who could resist this delicious and slurpy treat to beat the terrible heat?
Everyone surely has these fond memories from their childhood, of indulging into these sweet treats. These juicy, ice-cold, and every kid's summer delight, were a must-have in summer for people of all age groups. The simple fruit flavoured ones were loved by everyone, then you had the milk-based fancy flavours, but for me, it was the chocolate iced popsicle that was a clear winner. Today homemade popsicles are more of a trend with moulds and DIY recipes easily accessible. Our dear old friend the refrigerator is the perfect summer partner, heaven of all things cold to cool you down. I’m sure we all have at some point in our lives imagined sticking our heads in it, just to cool down, but that’s another story.
For ardent coffee lovers, you don’t have to worry about what type of popsicles to make. Each one loves their coffee a little different, with a few tweaks in terms of milk and or sugar proportions, and you have the same option with popsicles. Some will want it with cream, some will want it sweet and fruity. Some like it with milk, some will want to avoid sugar completely. Some prefer flavoured coffee and some just love it black. The options are many, and the choice is totally up to you! Just make the coffee that you would like to drink, and then freeze it into the moulds.

Some of my top picks for Coffee Popsicles are:

Iced Lemonade Coffee Popsicle

Vietnamese Iced Coffee Popsicle

Black Iced Coffee Popsicle

Chocolate/ Hazelnut Iced Coffee Popsicle

Iced Caramel Coffee Popsicle

Mocha Iced Coffee Popsicle

The best thing about coffee popsicles is that they will give you a good caffeine boost while cooling your body. However, an important thing to note when making them; is to use good quality coffee, as it is the hero ingredient. With a choice from the 5 Coffee blends that Coffeeza offers, you are already to a good start. The Classico, Intenso & Decaf blends are perfect, if you combine them with some refreshing fruit flavours, while Hazelnut & Chocolate flavoured blends will do perfectly for milk-based coffee popsicles.

So, go ahead, give this a try. Making coffee popsicles is a definite favorite thing to do in the summer for me, make it yours too.

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