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Coffee & Books are Meant To Be

Coffee & Books are Meant To Be

It is an undeniable fact that ‘Happiness is a Cup of Coffee & a Good Book’

While sharing a cup of coffee and conversations with my loved ones is a rather conventional way of having a great time. The pairing of a good cup of coffee and a good read holds a special place in my heart. The two comforting elements that I would choose, as my escape to a place of blissful solitude.

Book reading demands your undivided attention, and a sip of good coffee is the perfect catalyst to keep you wide-eyed throughout. Together, they slow the world down, and you can slowly slip away into a state of complete recluse. When you think deeper, coffee and books actually have so much in common. Both allow us to detach from the world and immerse oneself into a trance filled with mystery, adventure, and romance, they inspire us to get to a new start or bring out great ideas, and finally, a good read and a good cup of coffee always form a long-lasting memory.

I preferred to read at rather peaceful and quiet times in the afternoon or way past mid-night, which helped me kindle my love for books and reading. I have loved reading mystery novels since my childhood and found it impossible to shut my eyes until I had the mystery solved. This peculiar habit required some serious binge reading, and having a good cup of coffee to aid my concentration was all that I needed. During my early reading days, it was the Nancy Drew & Hardy Boys mystery collections that won my heart. I would get a new book issued from the school library every other day, until the librarian decided to suspend my library rights, as they deemed it right that I need to focus on my exams and grades. After a few years, I was hooked on to Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, Narnia, Percy Jackson, Twilight, and the Sherlock Holmes novels, that was every teenager’s, must-read at the time. Finally, I moved to the brilliant works of Sidney Sheldon & Agatha Christie. My books always accompanied me on my excursions to cafeterias and holiday trips, and I always enjoyed reading them surrounded by the warm & amiable aroma of good coffee.

In retrospect, it’s been a while since I revisited my passionate hobby. It’s been a while since, I laid my hands on a good mystery novel, but my companion, ‘the cup of coffee’ is always by my side. Today, the online streaming of movies and series takes up most of our free time, even the cup of coffee has got accustomed to this new partner, but the feeling can never be replaced.

My recent acquaintance with the gourmet barista-style coffee from Coffeeza, that I can prepare conveniently at home, made me switch from instant coffee to this new ground coffee in a capsule format to satiate my coffee cravings. Every sip of this divine brew helps you relive the fond memories of that steaming cup of coffee from your local cafeteria. An Espresso with the Intenso Blend and a Latte with the Hazelnut flavoured blend are top picks. This has got me searching for a perfect companion for my brewed coffee, and Netflix or Prime just don’t cut it.  Perhaps it’s time, to visit the old libraries in town, to get back into the reading habit, walk past those familiar mystery book aisles, and pick some good books to read over weekends or binge-reading nights, with yours truly - a warm cup of Coffee.

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