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The Best Coffee Growing Regions in The World

The Best Coffee Growing Regions in The World

Today coffee is more than just wake-up drink, because coffee drinkers have developed more nuanced taste palettes, they want to know about the origin of the coffee, how they differ in taste, and try the best that the world has to offer. Coffee is so popular that more than 70 countries are growing this heavenly bean.

Did you know, that there are 4 main coffee regions in the world, all situated along the Coffee Bean Belt? Each having coffee specialties of its own.

Central and South America

Most of the coffee beans in this region are sourced from Brazil, Peru, Honduras, Costa Rica, Colombia, Nicaragua, and Guatemala. 

Due to a good climate, favorable growing conditions, and a vast area, Brazil has been the world’s largest supplier of coffee for over 150 years. The coffee here is well known for its low acidity, creamy body and notes of chocolate. Due to its large size, the country has different climate regions, and the type of coffee beans produced are diverse.

Columbia on the other hand has a nice terrain and good climate, and mostly produces 100% Arabica beans. After Brazil & Vietnam, it is the 3rd largest exporter of coffee. Colombian coffees have rich nutty aromas with slight citrus-like acidity. South American coffee generally have nutty, chocolatey, and caramel tones, while that of Central America is fruity and nutty.

Coffeeza Intenso is a blend of South American Arabica coffee balanced with flavours from Asia and Classico is a Central and South American blend of 100% Arabica coffee, that has a fruity and enchanting aroma.


In the African region, you get good quality coffee from Ethiopia, Uganda, Tanzania, and Kenya. African coffee beans have citrusy, floral, and fruity notes.

Legend has it that Ethiopia was the birthplace of coffee, thus it’s one of the oldest coffee-growing regions in the world. The coffee here is complex and has fruity flavors, this country produces the best Arabica beans. The coffee beans are known for their quality and a lot of coffee lovers ask for coffee from this origin. Most popular beans are from Sidamo and Yirgacheffe. 

The region near Mount Kilimanjaro, produces Tanzania Peaberry coffee. Peaberry coffee beans are found around the world. However, Tanzania and Peaberry have a special connection, and everyone recognizes this region for these rare beans. 

Coffeeza’s single-origin Ethiopia coffee is 100% Arabica coffee, which has distinct notes of red fruit. The Cremoso blend has Arabica coffee from Columbia and Honduras balanced with distinct flavors from Uganda & Vietnam.


In this region, Vietnamese and Indonesian coffee beans are very popular. Indonesian islands of Java and Sumatra produce full bodied and earthy beans and have become synonym with coffee itself because of their quality. They are roasted dark so that the spicy flavors become prominent. Indonesia is able to offer a variety of coffee flavours because it is made up of 100’s of islands. 

Another famous Indonesian coffee is Kopi luwak, a cat like creature called civet, digests coffee berries and then processes the beans, the farmers harvest it from the poop.

Vietnam is the world’s second largest exporter of coffee after Brazil. They are known for producing good quality robusta beans. This country also gave us Vietnamese coffee, which is a popular drink made by adding condensed milk to coffee.

India is a tea loving nation, and still a new player in the coffee market despite growing coffee for centuries. Most of the coffee here is shade-grown and the flavor profile of Indian coffees is smooth, creamy and mild. The coffee also has taste notes of spices, since coffee is grown next to spice plantations.  The famous type of Indian coffee is known as Monsooned Malabar. It gets this name because of the process through which raw coffee beans are exposed to moisture after it is processed. 

Coffeeza Decaf is a blend of premium Vietnamese coffee that has been decaffeinated. While Forte is a strong coffee from Uganda blended with complimenting coffee from Indonesia and Vietnam.

Middle East

Yemen is the major coffee producer in this region. Since the coffee here originated from Ethiopia, they have very similar characteristics. In the olden days, when coffee was shipped from the Yemeni port of Mocha to places all over the world, the word Mocha became synonymous with Arabian coffee. 

Each of the above regions also have smaller countries that produce coffee and have a story of their own, but let’s keep that for another day. All the above countries consider coffee as part of their culture and that’s is why you will find a bit of their culture into the coffee; they offer the world. So, if you are someone who loves coffee as much as we do, try all the coffee that the world has to offer. You can begin with Coffeeza’s range of Nespresso compatible coffee pods, as they contain coffee from all around the world.

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