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Coffee and Ice-Cream Pairing

Coffee and Ice-Cream Pairing

The unique combination of coffee and ice cream is something that millennials drool over. Two complete opposite ingredients that everyone loves individually, but together, they scream indulgence. We would love to share 4 of our favourite pairings of these heavenly ingredients, that bring together all things hot, cold, and sweet.

The Classic Italian Affogato
Let’s begin with the top contender. This delicious dessert is made by drowning scoops of creamy vanilla ice cream under a rich shot of piping hot espresso. It’s a simple recipe, where you have to literally put in zero effort to make an indulgent dessert. You can take this simple combination to the next level, by adding nuts, or chocolate chips and if you are in a mood, you can even give it a boozy twist. Coffeeza’s Intenso & Forte blend goes perfectly with this recipe.

Coffee Ice Cream Float
The only thing better than an affogato to help you beat the heat is a coffee ice-cream float. This bubbly drink is definitely a looker. First, brew an espresso and let it cool. Take ice cubes in a glass and pour the cooled espresso over it. Top with a fizzy club soda and add a scoop of vanilla ice cream to float on the top. Add some melted chocolate and coconut shreds over. The ice cream will not melt like the affogato, it will float beautifully on the top and you can swirl the ice cream around and enjoy every scoop. Intenso and Cremoso coffee blends are best suited to match the strong flavour of soda.

Creamy Coffee Milkshake
Who doesn’t love milkshakes? While kids love those fruity variants, a good coffee milkshake with its caffeinated punch is just the perfect drink for adults. This popular beverage is made by blending coffee, milk, and ice cream. First, pour espresso that has been cooled into a blender, add milk, 2 scoops of vanilla ice cream, and some chocolate syrup. Blend till the mixture is creamy and smooth and pour it into a glass. Top with chocolate shavings and dive in. Trust us, you will be going back for more. Classico & Intenso blends will give the much-needed caffeine requirement for the milkshake.

Coffee Ice Cream
Let’s level up the recipes a bit, shall we? A smooth and creamy coffee ice cream can be the perfect afternoon or after-dinner pick-me-up treat. You need very few ingredients and the recipe is pretty simple too. Whisk freshly brewed espresso shots in sweetened condensed milk and vanilla extract (add salt to taste). Set this mixture in the refrigerator. Next, take heavy cream and beat it to make whipped cream. Whisk the previous chilled mixture into the cream to combine both. Pour the ice cream into a loaf mixture into a pan, cover it with cling wrap, and place in the freezer overnight. Enjoy every scoop with a drizzle of chocolate syrup and crushed nuts. You can try this quick fix, with an espresso brewed using the Intenso, Cremoso, or Classico blend.

If you are feeling lazy to make either of these recipes, we have a brilliant hack but for hectic days only. Just immerse a simple vanilla or butterscotch ice-cream cone into a cup filled with espresso, scoop away and enjoy.

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