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The Classic Pairing of Coffee & Desserts

The Classic Pairing of Coffee & Desserts

A good cup of coffee is a well-known accompaniment and a familiar sight on every table. From breakfast to dessert, Coffee is paired with almost everything. My favorite, however, is the pairing of coffee and a sweet dessert. The singular delight of both can be bragged about, but pairing them together to achieve a whole new level of bliss and perfection is an art in itself.

Unlike wine pairings, though, there are no hard and fast rules, which is great for an amateur like me. There are, however, some guidelines to help you choose the perfect coffee to pair with your favorite dessert. One can decide a perfect dessert pairing by referring to the body & roasting level of Coffee. A coffee’s body is its strength and how light or heavy it feels, in your mouth.

Light roasted coffee has a light body, and the highest acidity of the three roasts. It has a smooth and mellow taste. Light roasted coffee pairs well with cookies, fresh fruit tarts, meringues, and fluffy cakes. The short roasting time brings out the citrus flavors that are in the coffee beans. Coffeeza’s Decaf & Classico blend are an ideal pairing for these desserts.

Medium roasted coffee has a balanced flavour, and is acidic in nature as compared to light roasted coffee. This coffee pairs perfectly with delicious creamy desserts that have a light texture and even a spice element to it, Tiramisu, Crème Brulee, Apple Pie, Carrot Cake, Banana Cake, and Fruit Cheesecakes pair well. The two flavored blends of Coffeeza Chocolate & Hazelnut work like magic when paired with these creamy, savory dessert textures.

Dark roasted coffee has a peculiar & unique smoky flavor. It is not very acidic, but it has a full body. These coffees have a rich, silky texture and a long-lasting flavor. They serve as the perfect accompaniment with biscotti, croissants, or rich desserts like thick cheesecakes, heavy chocolate cakes, and sweet nutty desserts like pecan pie or baklava. The bitterness of the coffee is balanced out by the creamy and sweet flavors in these delicacies. If you have the coffee as an espresso, the flavors emerge stronger & better. The Coffeeza Intenso blend is perfect in these pairings, Classico works as well.

An honest opinion, I would avoid similar flavors. When it comes to matching coffee and dessert, you might be tempted to pair similar flavors, but trust me it does not go well. It might seem like a good idea, but similar flavors will spoil the ‘wow’ effect. I enjoy mixing coffee and desserts that have complimenting aromas.

But wait, we don’t want to limit the explorer in you. It is important to understand that there is no cardinal rule regarding coffee and dessert pairings. Each person has their own individual preference, which makes coffee and dessert pairings very subjective and personal. So, there’s no wrong way to pair them up. I would suggest that you try your own combinations once you get a base understanding of flavours and find your own way. The learning journey will make you fall in love with coffee even more. If you already have a favorite coffee and dessert combination, do share it with us.

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