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The Coffee & Chocolate Connection

The Coffee & Chocolate Connection

When asked what is the best accompaniment for a cup of coffee, majority would say ‘chocolate’, or maybe that’s just us. But coffee and chocolate are a match made in heaven, no wait… it definitely is, a match made on earth. We can say this, as two amazing tropical fruits Coffee and Cacao were found in nature, and then man took them to a whole other level of greatness.

Coffee and cacao come from two very different plants. Coffee beans come from coffee cherries, while cocoa comes from Theobroma cacao which is a tree with fruits growing directly on its trunk. The oblong fruit, called pod contains the cocoa beans. But, just like how coffee trees grow best in the coffee belt, cacao flourishes in cocoa belt, which is coincidently also falls along the Equator in Latin America, the tropics of western Africa, Asia and India. The manufacturing processes for both coffee and chocolate are quite similar as both products are extracted from beans. The beans are fermented, dried at their origin and are then roasted, before going through the process of grinding and mixing.

Coffee and chocolate are normally compared due to the overlap in their growing regions and the similarities in flavor profiles. It is because of this beautiful connection, that we find ourselves enjoying chocolate with our coffee or, why coffee and chocolate combinations are very popular around the world.

Coffee and chocolate have a natural synergy because of the share common traits, and the perfect combination of these two can work wonders for your palate. As a cardinal rule, to get the best of this combination, pair coffee and chocolate flavors that share similar characteristics, which means if you have a really strong flavor of one, it is best to pair it with an equally strong flavor of the other, the second rule is to always use artisanal chocolates with your coffee.

Some general pairing guidelines are:

  • Espresso & 70% - 80% dark chocolate
  • Fruity coffee’s & milk chocolate with nuts
  • Nutty coffee’s & spicy or fruity dark chocolates
  • Spicy coffee’s & salty or bitter chocolates with dried fruits

Always remember that, everyone’s palate is different, so feel free to make-up your own combination. The ultimate aim of pairing chocolate with coffee is to indulge in a memorable experience.

Check these 3 easy Coffee & Chocolate Recipes:

  • Dark Chocolate Mint Latte
  • Salted Caramel Chocolate Latte
  • Choco Mocha Latte

Enjoy these pairing selections and recipes yourself or have a few friends over for a pairing party! Let us know what your favorite coffee and chocolate pairing looks like!

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