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12 Christmas Decoration Ideas Using Coffee Capsules

12 Christmas Decoration Ideas Using Coffee Capsules

We love decking our halls with colourful Christmas decorations, that make our home look very festive. Running to the nearest store to get your hands on all the new fancy decoration items on display, is always a priority on our Christmas preparation list, at the same time, there is this magical vibe that makes us all want to get all crafty.

This year we explored an interesting DIY Christmas decoration theme, that revolves around upcycling Coffeeza’s used coffee capsules. Who knew that a few empty capsules could make this seasons preparations so much fun!

Keeping up to the theme of 12 days of Christmas, we tried 12 different decoration ideas using used coffee capsule

1. Capsule Christmas Tree

2. Capsule Rudolph Ornament

3. Capsule Santa Ornament

4. Capsule Christmas Lights

5. Capsule Glitter Ornaments

6. Capsule Wreath

7. Capsule Angels

Capsule Pinecone Vase

Capsule Christmas Bells

Capsule Christmas Villagers

Capsule 3D Christmas Tree

Capsule Snowman Hats

Coffee lovers will have a ton of used capsules at home or even at office. Just use them to make these beautiful decorations, you can add your own creativity and give it a personal touch.

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