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The Tale of Monsoons & Coffee

The Tale of Monsoons & Coffee

One of the best things to do is to enjoy the beautiful monsoon season, every year. The only constant to an ever-changing dynamic socio-economic landscape. As the months of April & May wear everyone out with the searing heat, the wait for the first monsoon showers seem to be never-ending. 

Arid landscapes are transformed into a quiet, serene state, and the soil springs to life covering it with green hues of varying heights. Monsoons beckon celebrations and there are many local festivities that been woven into the fabrics of our culture and are a sight to behold. It is a tough battle as you wage an internal war against your desires to set out on a bike ride and get drenched in the big beady drops while the scent of wet earth and rustling leaves calm the mind and soothe the nerves and there’s that part of you that just wishes to snuggle in bed under a thick quilt and a hot cup of coffee. No matter what activity you choose, there will be some cold rainy days, where there is nothing like indulging in a nice cup of hot coffee at home to keep warm. Where you sit by the window or the veranda watching raindrops transform the scenery before you into a magical radiance.

With every sip of coffee that warms your body from within, the flavors lend an enhancing effect to the magical landscape infused the sweet scent of wet earth and the melody of birds chirping in glee.  While the world hazes by in slow motion there’s no better accompaniment than our unique blends i.e. Coffeeza’s Classico or Intenso blend. The Classico blend has a fruity flavour and aftertaste of dried nuts and unsweetened cocoa, while the Intenso blend has notes of chocolate and after-taste of spices and dried fruit, these flavour profiles are perfect to keep you cozy during this chilly weather.  Pair your cup of coffee with some popular pakoras, baked snacks, or roasted sweet corn, which are popular monsoon delicacies. To make it even more memorable, share this moment with family members or loved ones.

You can also try these special monsoon recipes

  • Honey Cinnamon Latte
  • Cardamom Spiced Espresso

So, sit back, and plan the perfect rainy day, with the combination of Coffee & Rain that is truly inseparable. Don’t miss out on these simple pleasures of life.

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