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What’s Your Coffee Personality?

What’s Your Coffee Personality?

Every activity that you indulge in, can tell you a little more about yourself. Even if it is not entirely true, if looked at carefully you will find and understand how your choices indirectly talk about your personality.

It is a well-known fact that it’s easy to understand your personality by simply identifying your preferences in the world of coffee. Some studies examined coffee drinkers and associated their personality traits with their coffee preferences and found some fascinating patterns. It’s interesting to know, that your coffee preferences can tell you if you are an introvert, extrovert, a trend setter, a perfectionist, or even someone who has a very strong personality. So, what does your coffee choice say about you?

The Espresso Lover

People who love their Espresso, are born leaders who are confident and hardworking. They enjoy the taste of strong coffee, and are busy individuals who are always on the go. Their morning shot of espresso is what propels them to lead each day and akin to the strong nature of this drink; they get straight to the point. They are task driven and good at multi-tasking as well. Since espresso is a bitter flavor, it is associated with people who have a bold persona. For this personality the Classico blend is the perfect match for a nice shot of Espresso.

The Cappuccino Lover

Cappuccino drinkers are sociable and enjoy spending time with their friends. Coffee shops tend to be their second home, where they can interact or simply unleash their creative juices. Just like the beverage they have a pleasant personality consisting of many exciting layers. They enjoy engaging in quality conversations with friends. There is a small tendency that this personality may also be a little obsessive and controlling, but they are warm-hearted and optimistic. This personality will surely enjoy brewing the perfect Cappuccino with Classico and Intenso capsules from the comfort of their home with loved ones.

The Latte Lover

These people are gentle in nature, just like the latte. They prefer to go with the flow and be a team player rather than be the person calling the shots or making tough decisions. They like the simple comforts of life; you can consider them to be laid back and dependable. Latte lovers are kids at heart and very friendly. They are trend followers and take great care of their appearance. They like to do things that are easy. Sometimes they are quiet and reserved, preferring to cherish intimate relationships rather than socialize in groups. But, they are known to be helpful and generous with their time. The Intenso blend is perfect for this coffee personality to brew that much needed latte.

The Americano Lover

People who love drinking this long black coffee are usually old school in their mannerisms and thought processes, straightforward and set in their own ways. Once they set their mind on something they are go getters until they reach their goal. These people are calm and reliable. The Americano lover has high aspirations from life, but can be moody at times. The choice of this pure and honest coffee type is a reflection of their personality. Classico & Decaf blend suit best to brew this long black coffee.

The Affogato Lover

These people like their coffee black, but also like to add a little sweet treat on the side. They seem are fun loving, happy and cheerful. They are more like night owls, and love to have their coffee as an after-dinner treat. They prefer doing things at their own pace and are always ready to take on the day as it comes. The Intenso blend can be used to make a really mean Affogato by these people.

The next time you sit with your favorite cup of coffee, you can reflect upon your personality patterns, defined by the contents of that cup.  Do keep in mind that these studies are intended to be more for fun rather than anything else as ultimately, we are no more defined by our coffee preferences than we are by handwriting patterns or even a handshake.

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