Ways to add Christmas in your Coffee

Ways to add Christmas in your Coffee

Ways to add Christmas in your Coffee

As Christmas eve approaches, a sense of warmth and comfort fills the air. Our homes transform into a haven of coziness and friends and family come over, dressed in their favourite holiday attire. The soft glow of fairy lights and the twinkle of ornaments on the tree simply seem to complete the festive ambiance.

However, it's understandable if you feel like something is missing from your Christmas spirit. A warm cup of coffee to sip on as you sing along to Christmas carols can enhance the festive experience. When everything and everyone around you feels like Christmas, it's natural to want to give your coffees a Christmas makeover too. 

So, here are 5 easy ways to add that extra festive touch to your coffee cup:

1. Cinnamon

With winter winds sweeping in, we know it can be tough to cut back on your cravings for sugary-sweet coffees. But what if we told you there is a healthier and more delicious alternative? Yes, cinnamon should be your pick. It not only adds sweetness to your coffee, but it's also full of antioxidants, vitamins, and nutrients. We recommend adding a pinch of cinnamon to your Christmas cappuccino and taste the difference yourself. You can either place it into your cup before brewing a shot of strong Forte espresso or simply stir in some later over the velvety foam. Garnishing your cup with a cinnamon stick can also add a festive touch to your coffee experience. Give it a try, and let us know how you like it!

2. Brandy

Another heavenly pairing that can bring a Christmas feel is coffee with Brandy. It is a commonly used ingredient for baked Christmas goodies, so why not coffee? The rich aroma of coffee combined with the smoothness of brandy creates a delightful after-dinner drink, perfect for aiding digestion. In Spain, this drink is popularly named Carajilio. To make your own Carajillo, simply add two tablespoons of brandy to a shot of Cremoso espresso, stir and serve. You can take it up a notch by adding in some sugar and heavy cream to make a coffee cocktail. The creamy texture blends perfectly with the rich notes of espresso and brandy, making it an ideal after meal treat.

3. Butterscotch

If you are in the mood for a warm and comforting ingredient that will satisfy your sweet tooth? Look no further than the humble butterscotch. All you need is brown sugar, heavy cream and vanilla extract to create your own butterscotch sauce. 

Add it to your mug, followed by a shot of hot pipping espresso, steamed milk and foam or simply use it as garnish to add an extra touch of sweetness to hot cup of mocha. This delicious trick is the easiest way to give your Christmas coffee a festive look. You can choose Coffeeza Intenso blend for this recipe.

4. Whipped cream

The holiday season is often associated with warm memories and comforting traditions. And there's something about the way the cream blends with the coffee that can provide a sense of warmth and satisfaction. When the whipped cream melts into the coffee, it creates a smooth and velvety texture. You can capture the spirit of Christmas with cup  of hazelnut macchiato latte that's topped with a dollop of whipped cream. 

A sprinkle of cocoa on top is the perfect way to finish off the look to a delightful macchiato.

5. Marshmallows

Elevate your coffee brew by ditching the boring cream-sugar duo and opting for a marshmallow twist instead. Take your cappuccino up a notch by placing fluffy marshmallows on top of the steaming brew. Choose a Dark chocolate espresso to infuse a rich, chocolate flavour that goes well with the sweet and fluffy marshmallows. For an intensified sweetness, try adding marshmallows to the base of your cup before pouring in the coffee . The result? A velvety and indulgent coffee that is sure to be loved by all.

So, as you prepare for the festivities, remember to take a moment to sit back, relax, and enjoy the magic of the season with those you love most. Crafted from specialty ‘AA’ coffee beans, our English Rose, Caramel, Mysore Nuggets, and other coffee capsule blends are the perfect companions for your holiday moments with these hacks. Which Coffeeza blends would you add the Christmas magic to? Tell us in the comments.

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