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What is Butter Coffee?

What is Butter Coffee?

In our last blog, we discussed how coffee was keto-friendly, which is why a lot of fitness enthusiasts begin their day with coffee or have a shot before workout. Our topic today is another interesting diet trend that relates to the same, it’s called Butter Coffee.

Butter and coffee share the same fate; one side talks about their health benefits, and the other calls them unhealthy. Can you imagine the noise around a health fad that combines the two? Perhaps that's why this fad has gained so much popularity. 

Let's get the basics right, what is Butter coffee and where can you find it?

Butter coffee can be easily made at home, you have to combine freshly brewed coffee, a spoon of unsalted butter, and coconut oil and blend them together. This butter coffee is normally consumed at breakfast by those following a keto diet, as it is high in fat and low in carbs. People also drink it for a mental boost, to get energy and eventually burn fat.

You can make variations of butter coffee by adding cocoa, or vanilla syrup for an additional taste element. 

Then is bulletproof coffee the same?

You may ask: Is butter coffee the same as bulletproof coffee?  It's almost the same, but Bulletproof coffee is a brand created by Dave Aspey. Their coffee is made with specific coffee beans, they use only unsalted, grass-fed butter, and there is a liquid called MCT oil used, which is similar to coconut oil but has more Medium Chain Triglycerides (fat).

What makes this recipe so appealing to people? 

It is no longer common to add milk or cream to coffee, just like how spices and natural flavours are things added to coffee, now butter is the new ingredient that is easily accessible at home and can be added to coffee. But why? 

  • Well for starters, it’s a trend, and millennials love following everything shown on the gram.
  • Secondly, the flavor is great, although it might take some getting used to at first, one eventually learns to appreciate it
  • Third, coffee has always been consumed for energy as people need it to boost performance, and since butter adds to that, people are drinking it for energy and mental boost.
  • Last but not least, weight loss. The same benefit that makes bad tasting green tea so popular in homes is what keeps people hooked to this recipe. Basically, anything that promotes weight loss sells.

Since there is no scientific proof that it helps you lose weight, and we just have to take the word of people who have tried this, it may or may not work. You might still want to give the coffee a try and find out what the fuss is about. Try this recipe with 4 of our blends, Coffeeza Intenso, Classico, Cremoso and Forte and check which taste the best.  

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