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What is a lungo?

What is a lungo?

Most Indians are familiar with coffee terms like Espresso, Americano, or even a double espresso. With Coffeeza coffee machines having a standard lungo brewing function, new users are intrigued with this new beverage. Throughout this blog, we will try to clarify any doubts you might have about this coffee brewing style.

The basic details are all in the name

Lungo is Italian for "long," so that should tell you what it means. It's a brewing function on an espresso machine, that's clue no. 2. In other words, this is a longer version of an espresso, and it takes longer to prepare. The name lungo fits the drink perfectly.

How does the Coffeeza machine make this lungo shot? 

The amount of water used to extract the coffee shot is what decides how long the coffee shot will be. A shot of espresso is usually extracted with about 30ml of water for 17 to 20 seconds.  A lungo, on the other hand, uses twice as much water to extract coffee, which results in a longer shot and takes a bit more time as well. A lungo is approximately the size of a double shot of espresso. Coffeeza machines are programmed to extract 90-110ml of lungo in 30-40 secs.

As more water is used to extract a lungo, the taste is milder than that of an espresso, but it is a bit more bitter as the brewing process is longer. Compared to an espresso, it has smokier and roasted notes. 

How is Lungo different from an Americano or a Long Black

An Americano is made by adding hot water after the espresso has been extracted. On the other hand, when you make a lungo, all the water is used to extract the coffee from the coffee grounds during the brewing process. This beverage is smaller than an americano and has a different flavour. 

In the case of the long black, a shot of espresso is added to an equal part of hot water. The major difference between Americano, Long Black and Lungo is that water is added after brewing coffee in the first two, while in the latter all the water is used while extracting the coffee. Lungo is closer to an espresso, while the other two have similar taste to drip coffee. 

Can milk be added to Lungo?

It's your coffee and you can have it as you like. While traditionally the Italian way is to savour it black, Indians love a good milk-based coffee. You can add a splash of milk (~20ml) for that extra creamy effect. 

Which coffee blends are best suited for a lungo?

To enjoy a Lungo, you should always use freshly roasted and well-balanced coffee blends. Medium roast or medium-dark roasts are ideal for this beverage. 

Coffeeza’s Classico blend is a medium roasted coffee which is normally a well-balanced cup that delivers a fruity and fragrant flavour with an after-taste of dried nuts and unsweetened cocoa. This blend tastes perfect as lungo and works well with an added splash of milk as well.

You may also enjoy the single-origin Ethiopia coffee as a lungo. With its unique flavour that is fruity and aromatic, it’s sweet acidity and scents of chocolate are highlighted well in a lungo. 

Intenso is a full-bodied and medium roasted coffee whose rich and long-lasting taste can be enjoyed when brewed as a lungo. 

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