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What is Single-Origin Coffee?

What is Single-Origin Coffee?

Single origin coffee, ‘as the name suggests’ is sourced from a single place, it can be from a particular country or a region. These coffees are of a higher quality, since the coffee is sourced from a specific place that is located in its own unique setting. We know that everything from the soil quality to the environment where the coffee is grown plays a role in the overall quality and taste of coffee, and that is what makes single-origin coffee special. These coffee flavours depicts their origin, and possess characteristics of the place where it was grown.

Single-Origin vs. Blends

Now single-origin coffee is very different from blend coffee, which are of two types, they can either be a blend of Arabica and Robusta beans or a blend of the same type of coffee beans but from different regions like Ethiopia, Uganda, Brazil or other coffee-producing countries. Blends bring together the flavor characteristics of different beans, which are combined to create flavor profiles that everyone will love. By showcasing the best aspects of each bean together, the blend offers a unique experience for your taste-buds. Some good coffee capsule blends to try are Classico, Intenso, Cremoso, Decaf & Forte.

Should I try single-origin coffee?

Single-origin coffee is perfect for lovers who prefer drinking their coffee black, as this allows them to taste the unique flavors of the coffee. It is important to note this type of coffee when consumed as a milk-based beverage might mask the flavor notes and aromas. Drinking single-origin coffee is an experience in itself

The best thing about single origin coffee is its traceability, you know exactly where your coffee is from and that it’s not a blend from different locations. These coffees can offer some of the most unique flavor experiences as it brings out the characteristics of the growing region into a single cup. For someone who loves exploring coffee from this outlook, it is mandatory to give single-origin coffee a try.  Also, if you’re someone who wants to get familiar the unique hints of flavors of coffees from around the world, then you must try as many single-origin coffees possible.

How do I start?

Recently Coffeeza launched, Single-Origin Ethiopia. You can get a taste of premium Arabica coffee sourced from the birthplace of coffee itself. Ethiopian coffee beans are known to be the best in the world. Due to the land’s high altitudes, deep soil, and lush vegetation, coffee beans from Ethiopia produce a cup of delicious coffee with complex flavours unlike anywhere else in the world. Coffeeza’s medium-bodied Ethiopia coffee is crafted to deliver an eccentric flavour that is fruity and aromatic, with a sweet acidity and scents of chocolate. A must try for aficionados.

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