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The Perfect Espresso

The Perfect Espresso

An espresso is the perfect synchronization between four basic coffee brewing elements: water, temperature, pressure and coffee grounds. It is undoubtedly the best method of brewing and brings out the best flavor and aroma of coffee beans.

The perfect espresso can be identified by 4 parts:

  • Crema

A good espresso should have a nice layer of crema on top which is a few millimeters thick and completely covers the espresso. Crema is where most of the espresso’s flavor and aromatic qualities can be found, it is made up of proteins, sugars and oils from the coffee beans. The color should be golden-brown to dark brown and the crema should remain for at least 3-5 minutes after brewing.

  • Aroma

Before the espresso hits your palate, the aroma should hit your nostrils. A good espresso will have a strong aroma that will engulf you the minute you take a whiff. This aroma should last even after you’ve taken a sip.

  • Taste

There are three elements to pay attention to when you taste your espresso the acidity, sweetness and bitterness.

  • After-Taste

The espresso drinking experience doesn’t just end once you’ve tasted it, there should be an aftertaste.

The perfect espresso extraction removes only what is needed from the coffee grounds in order to have a balanced and aromatic cup, which is not very easy. That is why to make the perfect espresso, you’re going to need a good espresso machine, which works by forcefully passing hot water through coffee grounds, and finally into your cup.

We always recommend a capsule coffee machine, as ground coffee losses its freshness and coffee capsules are preferred by espresso lovers who want to enjoy a fresh cup of coffee at home.

A good capsule coffee machine like the Finero Next is designed to extract coffee at superior 20 bar pressure (similar to cafés) which results in richly extracted coffee with indulgent layers of crema on the top. This machine will force nearly boiling water through the coffee grounds under required high pressure, and all this takes place at the touch of button. You can enjoy the perfect espresso from the comfort of your home. Tease your taste buds with a wide variety of capsules from Coffeeza: Intenso, Classico, Decaf, Forte, Cremoso and Single-Origin Ethiopia.

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