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Coffeeza’s Capsule Recycling Program

Coffeeza’s Capsule Recycling Program

The ease of use, comfort and consistency in every cup is why we love our single-serve coffee capsules. Just drop your capsule into the coffee machine, press a button and your gourmet coffee is ready within seconds. Each coffee capsule prepares one cup of perfectly brewed coffee. However, once the used capsule ejects into the tray, we collect them and dispose of them without thinking twice about how it can negatively impact the environment.

At Coffeeza, as much as we love curating the best coffee blends, our brand is also focusing on sustainability, with more emphasis on the capsule recycling program in 2021. We understand that while we work towards creating capsules that are more environmentally friendly, we have to take responsibility for reducing the impact of capsules that are currently in use. The recycling program was launched many months ago, however this year we want the program to gain momentum, because if not now, then when?

The Capsule Recycling Program allows customers to return 100 used coffee capsules back to the brand for recycling, and earn a box of 10 capsules for free, as a reward. The capsules are collected from the customers (shipping is borne by Coffeeza), and then sent to a recycling plant in lots. This initiative is to encourage customers to opt for sustainability by rewarding them to support these efforts of the brand.

How does the program work?

Step 1: Peel off, the top layer of the used coffee capsules, since it is made of aluminum it is easily recyclable.

Step 2: Empty the used coffee grounds. These coffee grounds have multiple re-use purposes, they can be used as manure or compost for the garden, they can be used to absorb/ eliminate odors in the house, they can also be used as a scrub for utensils. Another cool repurpose of these used coffee grounds is usage in making an exfoliating body scrub, read our previous blog Easy DIY Coffee Scrub for your Skin to know more.

(Those who are creative can also upcycle the used coffee capsules, check the blog 12 Christmas Decoration Ideas Using Coffee Capsules to get inspired)

Step 3: Once you collect 100 such capsules (emptied & cleaned), you can submit a request on the website Here. The team will connect with you to arrange for the pick-up of empty capsules.

(For more details you can connect with the customer support on Toll Free No. 1800 123 5171)

With our fast-paced lives we often forget that our origins lie deep within nature and if we do not care for it today, we will see the future generations suffer. Affirm your pledge by actively participating in Coffeeza’s ‘Capsule Recycling Program’ so that you can enjoy the next cup of gourmet coffee knowing that you have made a difference. It’s time to be the change!

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