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Beating the Morning Blues

Beating the Morning Blues

Everybody isn't a morning person (I'm definitely not). Some days, getting up and heading to work can be a real challenge. Even with a good night’s sleep some of us just can’t be upbeat in the mornings.

At Coffeeza, we have some morning people on our team, who are always looking so refreshed in the morning. What makes their morning routine so much better than ours? Here's what they told us.

Make most of the preparations the night before:

We did this when we were in school (because our parents made us do it), but who knew it worked later in life? According to these colleagues, the key to the perfect morning is getting most things ready the night before. It is indeed a life-saving hack for someone like me who is unorganized. Having to search for my belongings each morning makes everything even worse. Simple things like, prepping your clothes and keeping all important items like keys, purse, laptop, headphones at one place the night before, saves so much of time. 

Setting Alarms/ Getting out of bed:

Every morning, I participated in something I like to call a "Snooze Fest". I needed 2-3 alarms to get out of bed (7.00/7:10/7:15). In my opinion, this was a great trick to wake up well, but the ‘morning people’ said it was wrong and probably contributed to the morning blues. All that's needed is one alarm, which trains our minds, allowing us to learn to get up at once.

They also advised us to keep the alarm at a walking distance so that you are forced out of bed and probably open a window to let sunlight in at the same time. Another smart team member suggested switching off the fan/air conditioner and turning on the lights (this was a trick my mother used every morning, when I was a kid). After this, it is impossible to go back to sleep.

Getting ready for the day with good coffee:

Once they've freshened up. The next thing that these colleagues do is enjoy their favorite coffee. (Yes, since they work for a coffee brand and love coffee, they have a bias). There's nothing better than kicking off your day with a nice hot cup of coffee, they say. However, they also enjoy this moment by pausing and savouring their coffee instead of drinking it in a hurry. Whatever Coffeeza capsule or pour-over coffee bag you use; the quick brewing saves a lot of time. They suggest taking 10-15 minutes to enjoy the coffee. This activity has actually been a game changer for me. These few minutes help me think about so many things.

In fact, this is that perfect ‘me time’ that allows me to remember all the small but important details in my personal life that need attention, and helps me prep for the day too. I feel so much better after these 15 minutes.

Our take:

You don’t have to start doing all this at one go. Those who face morning blues can tackle one activity at a time and see the change. I have been slowing incorporating these in my routine and it has made me fall in love with mornings. I am motivated to add a bit of exercise to this mix as well. If you have any interesting morning rituals that make life easier. Let us know in the comments

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