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Why did we move to Aluminium Coffee Capsules?

Why did we move to Aluminium Coffee Capsules?

The last month was all about Coffeeza’s transition from plastic to aluminium coffee capsules. Most Indian coffee enthusiasts have come across a variety of capsule materials, from plastic to aluminum to compostable to even reusable. We will not discuss reusable here because there are so many issues with compatibility, freshness of coffee and the whole process of using those pods is messy.  

Many may wonder why we didn't use compostable alternatives when we were moving away from plastic and what's so special about these aluminium capsules. This decision was not an easy one for us. After trying many prototypes, we decided aluminium was the way to go. It’s better for our customers and most importantly for the environment. Read this blog to understand more:

Why Aluminium

100% Barrier, that protects taste, aroma and freshness

 As regular coffee drinkers might have experienced, ground coffee that’s kept in the open loses its flavour. This happens as a result of oxidation. There's one big problem with compostable pods, and that's keeping the coffee fresh. Aluminium is the only material that is available which has full-proof oxygen barrier properties. Our completely sealed Aluminium capsules provide a 100% barrier against oxygen and protection from other natural elements. Hence, it preserves the freshness and aroma of the coffee grounds giving the capsules a shelf life of 18 months. This also ensures that extracted coffee has the best of all three: rich crema, invigorating aroma and indulgent taste. 

Easily Recyclable

Aluminium is 100% recyclable. It’s very durable and infinitely recyclable (quality of plastic reduces when recycled) In fact, over 95% of all aluminium ever produced is still in use today. Because aluminium is so environmentally friendly, it’s even known as ‘the green metal. It is also cheaper to recycle than use virgin aluminium. 

Perfect Extraction of Coffee

Aluminium is the only material capable of ensuring the extraction of a perfect crema-topped espresso. Plastic or compostable pods can deform and cause issues. These aluminium capsules are compatible with all Nespresso* Original line machines and generally speaking, are gentler on the machines as compared to other kinds of capsules. 

Did we try the compostable options?

We did try to find a biodegradable pod that would do justice not only to the environment but to the coffee ground in it as well, something that could easily be thrown in the trash but could also deliver great-taste. There were, however, compatibility issues with most pods, and freshness of coffee was not guaranteed. When it came to disposing the capsules, some needed to be composted industrially while only few could go in the home compost. Aluminium was a way better choice.

 At Coffeeza, our focus is to offer great-tasting coffee products that make break-time moments special in a sustainable way. When looking at a capsule that can provide maximum freshness, the best taste, ensure compatibility and have positive impact on the environment, aluminium was clearly a winner.  Try our newly launched blends Classico, Cremoso, Intenso and Forte which are specially curated using premium grade coffee beans. Our aluminium capsules ensure that the actual aromas and flavors of our exceptional coffee blends can be savored.

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