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How many calories are there in Coffeeza coffee capsules?

How many calories are there in Coffeeza coffee capsules?

The people who strive to maintain a healthy lifestyle and are conscious of their calorie intake may be wondering how drinking coffee everyday fits into a calorie-conscious diet. Well, you don’t have to worry, because coffee is extremely calorie-efficient, and it gives energy and health benefits at almost no calorie intake.

However, the type of coffee preparation and the final beverage you consume matters. Let's take a look further.

A calorie refers to the amount of energy contained in a particular food or drink. To function, we all need calories or energy, which we get from food. Issues arise when the number of calories we consume exceeds the energy we use. Excess calories are converted to fat and stored in our bodies. When trying to lose weight or live a healthy life, it's important to be aware of how many calories you're unknowingly consuming.

Calories In your Espresso

Black coffee has practically zero calories, 1 shot of Coffeeza espresso (40ml), has only 1-2 calories, a Lungo (110ml) on the other hand will have 3-4 calories. The calorie content in an espresso is very negligible. Now, there are 30 calories in one Coffeeza capsule of roasted and ground coffee (5.5gms). Espresso is produced when hot water is forced through the ground coffee beans at high pressure and extracts the liquid coffee into your cup, leaving the residual grounds in the used capsules means that a cup of coffee contains even fewer calories, which is around 1-2 calories. 

What increases in calories in your coffee cup?

Most of us like to enjoy a nice milky and sweet coffee, but we must also realise that this coffee + milk + sugar combination is going to add more calories to the drink.  A splash of milk, a spoonful of cream and a pinch sugar, even the smallest addition can alter your beverage's calorie count.

  • 2 Tsp of Sugar - 32 to 35 Calories
  • 100ml of milk - 45-50 Calories
  • 1 Tbsp. Creamer - 20 Calories

For those who are watching their calories can either find blends that taste beautiful as a black coffee or add very little low-calorie milk to their black coffee and avoid sugar and creamers completely.

When you choose coffee that is made from premium beans, roasted, ground and blended perfectly, your cup of coffee can taste vibrant and sweet and even make you fall in love with black coffee. Nespresso lovers in India can our coffee capsules that brew great black coffees. Our Classico, Cremoso, Mysore Nuggets and Single-Origin Nicaragua taste best when brewed black and are an ideal pick by fitness enthusiasts. Remember, when the taste and aroma of coffee is so rich and complex, you won’t need milk and sugar in you cup. 

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