(Refurbished) Finero Next Coffee Machine + Free 10 Assorted Capsules

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Color - White
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Minimally used, best condition coffee machines which are refurbished for any minor usage.

The Finero Next Capsule Coffee Machine is designed to make your barista-style coffee brewing experience a breeze. This sleek & compact machine is perfect for your home or office as it fits anywhere. The machine uses 20 Bars of pressurized steam, to extract coffee with indulgent layers of crema on the top.

This is a refurbished machine, which means:

  • The machine is in excellent condition for brewing, having passed all the QC checks to ensure that the machine is in perfect condition.
  • Each refurbished machine comes with a 1-year warranty from the date of purchase -This warranty is the same for brand new machines as well.
  • The machine is cheaper because the box has been opened and the machine has been minimally used for testing purposes in the factory
  • The outer packaging might have slight wear & tear
  • The outer packing material may not be original (since the box has been opened)
  • Machines may have very minor scratches.

Brewing Options: Espresso & Lungo

Suitable For: Lovers of black coffee and those, who prefer complementing it with a separate creamer or milk frother.

Colour Availability: White, Grey & Black

Compatibility - Coffeeza and Nespresso®* Original coffee capsules

Package Includes- 1 Refurbished Coffee Machine & 10 Assorted Coffeeza Capsules.

Warranty: Includes a 1-year warranty from the date of purchase covering parts, labour and 2-way shipping (to-and-fro Coffeeza Service Centre)


Ask a Question
  • Hi. Is it only for capsules or can I use coffee powder as well to make coffee?

    Our machine is capsule based and coffee powder can not be used in this machine.

  • Can I be informed when a Refurbished Finero Next Coffee Machine in BLACK colour is available? I am only interested in a black colour machine.

    Hi, the black Refurbished machine is now available on our website.

  • 1. Do the capsules have expiry dates. If yes, what is the average duration. 2. Is ‘Pay on Delivery’ option available. 3. Can one capsule prepare one Large Cup Or two small cups of coffee?

    1. The shelf life of Coffee capsules is 12 months.
    2. Cash on Delivery option is now available on our website.
    3. One capsule can be used only once either of 1 cup of espresso or 1 cup of lungo.

  • Hi, i am interested in purchasing the refurbished coffee machine. What is the return policy in case the condition of product is not up to mark

    Hi, we do not have return or refund policy but we have replacement policy. Within 14 days of purchase if you are facing any issue with your machine then we will provide you replacement machine and the faulty machine will be picked up from your address.

  • can we use a stainless steel reusable coffee pod In the finero next machine ?

    We do not recommend reusable capsules in our machine. You can use Coffeeza capsules or standard Nespresso capsules.

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Finero Next coffee Machine

I have first time purchase any refurbished item. It is too good machine. I did not face any issue in this machine till now. I love the taste given in the coffee.
Very good taste. My request pls provide more warranty.

Anit Kumar Singh

I have first time purchase any refurbished item. It is too good machine. I did not face any issue in this machine till now. I love the taste given in the coffee.
Very good taste. My request pls provide more warranty.

Pratishtha Dhobe

I am happy with my purchase. Because this was a refurbished machine being sold at a discount, I didn't expect much. All I wanted was a machine that made coffee well. However, when I got this machine, it looked brand new. All the accessories were present, the machine did not have much scratches or dents, it looked brand new. I am truly a very happy customer.

Mayank Mehta

It's a good machine, it works well. When it arrived, it was in perfect working order. There were no broken or missing parts. The machine was packed nicely and did not look used at all. Those on a budget can buy these refurbished machines. It's more like a hack for customers to get a new machine at a cheaper price.

Jai Gupta

At a discounted price, this refurbished machine is an absolute steal. There is no sign that this machine has been used at all, it looks like it has never been touched. This machine is in excellent condition and well packaged. Brewing the coffee takes seconds and it works flawlessly. Though I bought a refurbished one, I am proud to say that I have a brand new machine.


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