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Gently aged by monsoon winds, these AA Arabica beans transform into beautifully aged wonders, offering a rich cup with notes of caramel, wood, cedar, and subtle spice. Using a process that’s inspired from the extensive sea voyages of Indian coffee during the British Raj, it’s one of the world's most sought-after coffees.

Best Before: 9 Months from date of packaging (Nitro flushed to preserve freshness) 

Note: The MRP (inclusive of all taxes) is Rs.400 for 1 box of 10 servings with a net weight of 110gm per box.

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Chintapalli Ramarao
Perfect for Camping!

This coffee has a rich aroma and flavour, making them perfect for camping trips beacuse you just need a cup and hot water.

Frequently asked questions

How do I use these Pour-Over coffee bags?

Coffeeza’s single serve, pour-over coffee bags are designed to be extremely easy to use and allows you to indulge in a smooth cup of coffee. You can enjoy your coffee by following 4 easy steps. Just tear open the filter inside the sachet, place the filter firmly over by anchoring the flaps to the sides of the cup, then pour hot water evenly in intervals to brew a delicious cup of coffee.

How much water is needed to brew one pour-over sachet?

You will need at least 100 to 130 ml of hot water to brew and get decoction out of the coffee grounds.

  • Monsooned Malabsr is best enjoyed black, use 130-150ml of hot water to brew your coffee
  • For the Mysore Nuggets, use 130-150ml of hot water to brew your coffee, and if you would like to add milk, you can add 30-50ml.
  • For Classico , use 100-130 ml of hot water to brew your coffee, and add milk, 70-100ml.
What should be the temperature of the water used for brewing?

Water quality and temperature are very important when brewing coffee. If the water is not hot enough, it will not extract the flavor from the coffee. If it's too hot, it may burn the coffee as it’s a delicate beverage.

Use hot water (93°C - 97°C, let the water rest for about a minute after boiling) for lighter roasts as compared to dark roasts (90°C - 92°C, let the water rest for 2 minutes after boiling) to extract much more body and flavor

Always use filtered water, free of odor and impurities

Do I pour all the water at once into the filter?

You can start by pouring a little bit of hot water, 20-30ml into the filter to moisten the coffee grounds. Wait for a few seconds and then pour water again. Repeat it two or three times. Ensure the filter doesn’t run over. You can try pouring more or less water to adjust the taste as per your preference.

Can I add milk and sugar to the coffee?

Yes, you can add milk and sugar as per your taste. We normally recommend having the Monsooned Malabar black, as for the other 2:

  • For Mysore Nuggets, use 130-150ml of hot water to brew your coffee, and you can add 30-50ml of milk.
  • For Classico,  use 100-130 ml of hot water to brew your coffee, and you can add 70-100ml of milk. (Since this is a dark  roast)
How long should I let the filter bag remain on the cup before I take it out?

You can let the coffee steep for a few seconds before you discard your bag. This will help extract every last ounce of flavor from the coffee grounds. If you’d like a stronger cup, you can keep the filter in longer.

Can I pour milk over the filter bag?

No. You have to add the milk to the final black coffee, once the filter is removed from the cup. Do not pour it through the filter.

Can I reuse the pour-over coffee filters?

No. Each filter is designed to brew a single cup of coffee. You can use it only once.

What is nitrogen-flushing?

It is a technique used in food packaging that removes the oxygen from the pack to prevent oxidation and keep the coffee ground fresh. We can preserve the freshness for 6 months. Since, Nitrogen is a naturally-occuring, odorless, and food safe inert gas, it does not react with the coffee or its flavor.

How do I dispose of the pour-over filter?

Our pour-over filter bags are made of fully biodegradable, food grade material. So, you can throw the used filters into the wet waste.

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We're proud to offer a diverse range of unique blends made with AA/AAA grade specialty Indian coffee, perfect for helping you #enjoythepause in today's fast-paced world. A highly experienced team of SCA-certified coffee roasters and cuppers at our European-standard facility curates the finest blends, ensuring every cup embodies excellence.

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